Thursday 2 November 2023

The Girls who Disappeared by Claire Douglas



Twenty years ago: One rainy night, Olivia Rutherford is driving three friends home when a figure in the road causes her to swerve and crash. Regaining consciousness, she finds herself alone in the car - her friends have vanished.


Now: Journalist Jenna Halliday visits the close-knit community of Stafferbury to persuade Olivia to talk and solve the mystery of the girls' disappearance. But Olivia won't speak.

What happened?

Is Olivia hiding something?
Why are the people of Stafferbury so frightened?
How many secrets can one small town hide?

The Girls who Disappeared is my first book by author Claire Douglas and this book was gifted to me by my friend Laura and what a twisty gripping read this is.

Olivia and her three friends find themselves in a devastating car crash only for Olivia to regain consciousness to find herself trapped in the car but her friends have disappeared. The police never solved the case.

Years later and Jenna is sent to the eerie village to report on the case for a new podcast just as the police are re-looking into the case. With supernatural stories floating around will this case ever be solved?

This book is one of those that has such a brilliant opening that pulls you straight into the storyline already getting the brain cells working coming up with every possible scenario that could have happened to the girls so you are already quickly invested in the storyline, hunting for clues to solve what the police couldn’t.

The author has a very skilled writing style walking you through meeting all the characters involved hearing their thoughts on the situation and before long your suspicions begin to grow only to then be swayed onto pointing the finger at someone else. Claire Douglas really does know how to tease you into thinking you are close to solving everything only to then turn everything on its head!

I was a little worried part the way through that the storyline was going to start getting a little too supernatural heavy as this is really not something I enjoy in a book but rest assured my worries were unwarranted.

This book was quite unpredictable for me, I was tense the whole way through and gripped to the core waiting to see what was instore and the twist well and truly shocked me!

The only thing I would say was the ending ties everything up perfectly but it did feel a little rushed which after having such a big twist revealed made it seem a little anticlimactic and like the author had used up all her energy on the rest of the book and just wanted to get all the facts down quickly at the end.

Despite my thoughts on the ending, I still very much enjoyed this book and have already recommended to a work colleague who has picked this one up now too. Safe to say this is an author whose books I will certainly be looking out for from now on.

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