Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Before reading The Book Of Tomorrow I had only read one book by Cecelia Ahern which was The Gift. I did enjoy The Gift but it didn't make enough impression on me to put Cecelia Ahern at the top of my favourite authors list and so I did not rush out to find any of her other books. When searching for a book I always try my Library's returns section and this is where I found The Book Of Tomorrow. From the cover it looked to me to be a bit of a mystical book, and when reading the back for further information on the book it tells you very little but the little bit of information it does give is another to make you curious as it mentions a strange padlocked book. I thought I would give it a try as it sounded like my kind of book and it wasn't until I got home and started to read that I noticed from the inside of the cover that it was by an author I had already read.

I am not going to give too much away when it comes to telling you the plot as this is why I loved this book as it felt like you were walking down a dark tunnel and not knowing what was going to come next.
Our main character is 16 year old Tamara Goodwin who has always had everything she could dream of and more due to her father's wealth. She lived in a glamorous home in the city, had many friends who she spent time with down on the beach and had many holidays throughout the year.
Tamara's life gets turned upside down when she walks in to find her Father dead on the floor after committing suicide. It later comes to light that her dad was in financial trouble which he couldn't get them out of and decided to take his life due to the pressure. Problem was this meant that both Tamara and her mum have nothing to their name so they have no choice but to go and stay with Uncle Arthur and Rosaleen in the middle of know where.
The story then comes to light due to the find of a locked book which has mysterious quality to it. Tamara's mum doesn't talk and sleeps nearly all day. Tamara feels Rosaleen has something to hide will Tamara get to the bottom of all the mystery.

**My Opinion**
I really enjoyed this book, and I find that all the books that I have read I cannot compare this book to any other that I have read. Personally I find that this book was in a completely different league to The Gift.
The main character Tamara took a little while to warm to as at the start of the book she is a typical selfish, spoilt teenager and I found myself gritting my teeth reading the first few chapters as I found her quite unbearable. Once she had moved to her uncle her character started to grow and you saw a change in her although she was still immature in some places which is only right for a teenager you actually started to enjoy her character.
As I mentioned earlier you have no idea what is going to happen next there is no inclination at all which I thoroughly enjoyed in this book. It was mystical but not magical and silly it was just enough to make the book still believable.
I found that the first few chapters slowly build you upto the pace of the book but then all the way through you are gripped there didn't seem to be any low parts in the book which you could skim over without missing anything. I also like the fact that the ending was tied up nicely without it feeling rushed.
I would highly recommend this book if you like a kind of mystical element to your books. I wouldn't say that this book was a light read as there is alot going on in the storyline which meant that you couldn't leave the book half way through a chapter.

This book gets a full 5 stars from me as there is nothing negative I can say about it and the way the book was wrote so you had no clue what would happen next was what made this book for me.

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