Sunday, 29 May 2011

To Kindle Or Not to Kindle???

Thankyou to you all for following my review blog I thought it was time I had a discussion running and my topic is Kindle!

I am going away to Mexico for 2 weeks and as you can see from my reviews I read ALOT and FAST so I am thinking that maybe my luggage allowance may not let me take my supply of books!!

What are your thoughts on the KINDLE
Do you have one and do you think it is worth getting one ?

Posts below please!! xx


  1. New follower here.

    I don't have a Kindle, yet. My dear partner did ask if I wanted one last Christmas.
    I wanted to hold off because I do love to hold books and have them on my shelf.

    I believe I will want some kind of reader by the end of this year because some books I want to read are only being released as ebooks.


  2. I've only taken two trips since getting my Kindle in September. My first trip was on the train to NYC and I loved that I purchased a book on my way home. I think having an ereader will benefit your Mexico trip! Especially if you're a fast reader. And yes, the amount of books you will pack in your suitcase will end up costing you.

  3. Hello Rea,
    Thanks for befriending me on Goodreads. I really liked your blog, mainly because you have got reviews on some of my favourite books and authors. So, I am following u now!:)

    Komz@The Review Girl

  4. I'm still undersided on E-boooks, my publisher thinks I should put my book, when it comes out in july on E-book. But If everyone is forced to sell E-books, I feel the reader holding a cold plastic sheet can't feel the same as holding a nice paper book,casualy turning pages at will then putting it down and not worried about the battery running down! then panicing to find a power point.Just my veiw! Spose I'm just old fashion.

  5. I am with you all on the fact that the kindle is not going to beat the feel of a good old fashion book in your hand. I read on average 2 books a week but I do not have lots of books in the house as I always pass my books onto people who I feel would enjoy them and when my followers on here increase I shall give them away on here too. I am still undecided as it does seem a good idea for holidays but that is only once a year! Geoff tell your publishers we all want your book not e book!! good luck with your new book.