Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Highland Fling by Katie Fforde

I have found that I have managed to clear my massive pile of books and the last one to be read was Katie Fforde with Highland Fling. The front cover of this book is very similar to her previous books I have read which I have always liked and I find they stand out when on a shelf of books.


Jenny Porter is a virtual assistant much to her partner Henrys disappointment. When one of Jennys clients ask her to travel to Scotland to find out what is going on in one of the businesses he is financially involved with, Jenny is excited even if she has not got the support of Henry. When she arrives in Scotland she finds that he mill which she is there to take a look out if in a bad financial way but rather than telling her client this she feels compelled to help get the business back on track.
Jenny finds herself constantly bumping into the character Ross Grant, they both take an instant dislike to each other but in the same breath find each other attractive. Could there be trouble up in the hills of Scotland ?


I found the character Jenny very likeable and easy to warm to from the first page. As the book goes on she starts to feel loving and caring like a friend. She was my favourite character in this book. Her partner Henry I took an instant dislike to from the first chapter I was quite glad that he wasn't a strong character all the way through the book as I don't think I would have enjoyed the book so much if I had to read too much about him.
I found Ross Grant's character very interesting and the relationship between him and Jenny was lovely to read as it was very on edge and you were not sure what they were going to say to each other next or if they were going to be hot or cold with each other.

My Opinion

I am yet to find a Katie Fforde book which I have not enjoyed. I must have enjoyed this one as I have finished it in a day so it is defiantly a real page turner in my opinion. It was nice to take her book to a new location which is Scotland with the snowy setting as all of the books I have read have been country bumpkin warm settings so it did make a nice change. Katie's style of writing makes you feel as if you know the characters and as if you are there in the story which I think helps with the way she describes the surroundings and the personalities of her characters so well.

I like the suspense element in this book I lost count how many times I changed my opinion of what I thought was going to happen this only made me want to carry on reading to find out which direction the story was going to take. I found the pace of the book kept on an even keel throughout the book which made it an easy and enjoyable read.

I would recommend this book for a cosy Sunday afternoon read, especially for any of you Katie Fforde and women's fiction fans.

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