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Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley

I have two favourite things in life and that is a good book and a bar of chocolate! This is why I decided to pick up the book Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley. The cover of the book is your typical style for a chick-lit book with a cosy little chocolate shop on the front with Chocolate Wishes in big pink writing so as you can tell this is hard to miss whilst looking for a book on the shelf. I had fallen in love with the book before I had started to read it and I had high expectations.

The book is based in Sticklepond which is a quaint little village in Lancashire. The main character is Chloe who makes chocolates which contain little prediction (wishes) inside of them. Since her Grandad Grumps gave her a charm to recite over the chocolate bath the chocolates seem to taste even better and have some side effects. The chocolates seem to be the only thing which is going right in Chloe's life as she has been left broken hearted by her university love Raffy Sinclair when he went off with his rock band never to return. Her mum has up and left her which has meant Chloe has had to bring up her brother. Life is never easy at home as she lives next to the museum which her Grumps and her Aunt are about to open. Her aunt is a tarot reader and can also read tea leaves and her Grumps is a warlock so life is never ordinary!
Chloe's life is all stirred up when a blast from the past turns up as the new vicar of the village!


Chloe who is our main character is a very warm and loveable character. She seems to be very down to earth which is a surprise considering how the rest of her family are. She seems to have a very loyal and caring personality and I think this is why I found throughout reading the book that I wanted things to turn around for her to give her some enjoyment in life.

Poppy and Felix were Chloe's best friends who have also been brought up around the same kind of family member as Chloe so they all feel more like brothers and sisters to read about than friends. The relationship between the three of them was lovely to read.

Grumps who is Chloe's Grandfather made for a very strange character to read about and I have to say I could not connect to him at all during the book. I do not feel like his character was needed in this book

My Opinion

Ok I am sorry but judging by previous reviews I have read about this book I think I am going to upset the apple cart with my opinion on this review but let us all remember we all have different tastes.

I found it hard to work through this book as I was a little disappointed by the storyline. I have learnt one thing whilst reading this book and that is not to judge a book by its cover as this book is not all about chocolate! I found the story was taken over by more involvement with tarot reading, witch craft and religion which personally is not the topics I enjoy in a book and certainly not what I expected to be reading after looking at the front cover and reading the sympnosis.

The parts of the book which were revolving around Chloe and her friends Poppy and Felix and also around her love life was quite nice to read but each time I started to enjoy these parts the next chapter would involve more about warlocks and tarot which then put me off reading the book again.

Another point I must make is on the front cover it says "Full of Down to Earth Humour" I have to say personally I didn't find any humour in this book at all. I also did not like the way the book finished I had to check the spine to make sure no pages had been ripped out as the story seemed to come to an abrupt stop!.

There is a part in the 2nd to last chapter where a comment is whispered to Chloe which seemed of some importance and we never did find out what that was, I have got an idea what it could be but unless there is going to be a follow on book to this one then I think we should have been told what the comment was.

I was disappointed by this book I just wish there was more about the chocolate business and more about Chloe's life rather than all the warlock business as I really do not think that it was needed in this book in fact I have to say I think it was that that ruined the whole book for me.

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