Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The One Before The One by Katy Regan

Katy Regan is a new author to me. After reading this book I googled her and have found that she has released a book before this one called One Thing Led To Another. Now that I have finished The One before The One I cannot wait to go back and read her first book. I am not sure why I hadn’t heard of her before as the book was a great read my only thing is I am not over keen on the cover of the book.

Meet Caroline who is our main character she has called of the wedding to her long term partner Martin and is ready to be free and enjoy life but has she made the right decision? A spanner is thrown in the works when her teenage sister Lexi arrives on her door step and announces that she is going to be staying with her for the whole of the summer! Unsure of how you look after a teenager Caroline tries her best to help her sister with her problems but having her around is making it hard to see Toby who is her married work colleague who she is currently sleeping with. Caroline realises with the help of her sister that she needs to make some decisions to get her life back on track but this only means a lot of changes need to be made which can only lead to some broken hearts.

My Opinion

When I first started to read this book I found it a little strange as my partner is called Martin and my sister is called Lexi so I felt like I was going warm to our main character Caroline from the start, oh how could I be so wrong! I found Caroline, hard to warm to at first especially as when we meet her and her fiancĂ© Martin he seems so charming that you couldn’t help but give her the cold shoulder a little at first for breaking his heart. As the book progressed I soon started to warm more to her character and started to enjoy reading about her journey in life. I really did enjoy reading the character of Martin he just seemed to good to be true!  I enjoyed reading about the relationship between Caroline and her sister Lexi as where they had not been brought up together you found you was watching the relationship between the two grow. There was only one character in this book which I could not take to and found the more that the book went on I loathed him even more and that is the character of Toby. I found when we first met him to be smarmy and after that the feelings towards him grew worse!!

What really kept me on my toes with this book was the suspense as right until the last few chapters I was still not quite sure how it would end. I kept wondering would there be a happy ending and I think it was this which kept the pages turning for me.

I found that this book had a mixture of content to it. There was a few bits of humour put in which was a nice touch and made it a little light hearted after reading about some slightly deeper parts when it came to Lexi so the humour was a nice touch to still keep the book an enjoyable read.

I would defiantly recommend this book and as I mentioned before I will now be keeping a look out for her previous book and I suggest you all do the same to! I think this is going to be an Author to keep your eyes peeled for in the future.

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