Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde

I have recently been reading many books by Carole Mathews and Katie Fforde. I am continually hunting for more of their books on my travels, which is where I found Wedding Season. I always find her books are an easy read but also a book which you cannot put down which I hoped would be the same with this one.

This story is based around Sarah, a wedding planner who doesn't believe in forever in Love. At the start of the story, she is putting the finishing touches to a wedding, getting the bride ready for her big day doing what she does best with the help of new found friends who are the other two main characters of the book, Elsa and Bron. Elsa is a dress maker who has created a beautiful dress for the bride, but doesn't like the attention to fall on her which is a bit of a problem when she is selected to be the bridesmaid at the last minute. Bron is a hairdresser who also finds she is a dab hand at make-ip and cake making, is there no end to this woman's talent!

After the big wedding has come to an end Sarah is then given the opportunity of a life time, to organise a big wedding for a Celeb but with only 2 months to do it in and also to put a spanner in the works the wedding is on the same day as her sister's wedding. Will Sarah pull this off with the help of Bron and Elsa or will it become a total disaster.


I found with this book that I actually warmed to Bron and Elsa more than I did with the main character Sarah. I feel that Bron and Elsa have a warmer more approachable character to them where as with Sarah it felt as if we wasn't totally in touch with her character as if there was some kind of guard up between her and us, the reader. I also liked the male characters in this book who are the love interests in this book their characters were all very different but also gave us the same warm feeling to them.

***My Opinion***

Overall, this was a book which I really enjoyed. I didn't find that this story was predictable other than one part which was the relationship with the main character Sarah. Because of this I found like with previous books I have read by Katie Fforde that I couldn't put the book down as you continually want to know what is going to happen next in the story. As with many chick-lit book there is a big relationship story line ( or in this case three!) to go along side the main storyline. I found that the way the relationships were wrote into the storyline was quite different to many books which I have read as the relationships didn't take over from the main storyline but gave it a nice little twist alongside which made it enjoyable to read. I found that with this book it was on a steady pace not having low or high points during the book. We are taken straight in to the storyline from the first chapter. This book has many elements to it including, humour, relationships, romance, and emotion to name a few, which completes this beautifully written book. I picked up from reading this book that the author seemed to have an insight to the whole wedding planning topic as there was some parts of the book which was in great detail about the requirements the brides need the wedding planners to deal with.

I would recommend this book to chick-lit lovers. I cannot tell you anything negative about this book as personally for me it ticked all of the right boxes. If you are looking for an easy read to cheer you up on a down day this is the book for you.

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