Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Love Lies by Adele Parks

Adele Parks is a pretty new author to me. I have previously read one of her books which I enjoyed. I think it is the front covers of her book which stand out on the shelf and draw you in, as most of them are of long legs in grey and white with a bold bright pair os shoes! Not your usual chick lit front cover so they are hard to miss. I was recommended to read Love Lies by a friend who doesn't usually read but had been lent it and couldn't believe how good it was, so it was passed my way.

Fern, who is a passionate florist, is finding her 30th birthday creeping up on her. This gets her thinking about where she feels she should be in life and the one thing she is not happy about is her relationship with long term boyfriend Adam. She feels their relationship is stuck and needs to move forward she wants to move out and have their own house and most of all she wants him to POP the question!! She gives Adam an ultimatum, propose on her birthday or she is off!

Adam's gift for Fern was tickets to see her favourite rock star but the thing is once she meets him she cant stop thinking about him. What will she do fall for the man who can give her everything she wants or stay with long term love Adam?

My Opinion

I found this book as captivating as her previous book that I read. Adele Parks has a way of pulling you into the story in the first chapter which makes it hard for you to put the book down. It is your typical chick lit style read, easy, warm but a little farfetched in places but I think it is these parts that makes the book as good as it is.

I found the book similar in places to Paige Toons Chasing Daisy but instead of the love interest being a racing driver it was a heart throb rockstar. Any of you who was a fan of Chasing Daisy I am sure that you would also enjoy this book.

The book was split between England and LA. I found that the parts that were in England seemed more realistic compared to the parts in LA but I think this was done on purpose to show that it was like a dream living in LA.

The only thing I could say about the book on a lower note is that it would have been good to have got to know Adams character a little more as the book is written from Ferns point of you so we only read what she feels about Adam at the time.

I would defiantly recommend this book to any chick lit lovers out there and also this would make a superb holiday read. I will defiantly be looking out for more Adele Parks books after reading this one.

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