Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk

As you would have seen from my previous reviews I didnt realise these books were part of a series and I had read the last one before the first!! I heart Hollywood is the second of three books in Lindsey Kelks I Heart series and having enjoyed the other two in the series I decided to read the middle remaining one.

The main character of the I heart books is Angela Clark. Angela has moved to New York after she found her husband having an affair in the back of their car at their best friend's wedding. She had to get away from everyone so she fled to New York which is where we left her in the first book building her new life, dating and writing her blog for the Look.

In I heart Hollywood Angela Clark is given a big opportunity to go to Hollywood and interview the gorgeous actor James Jacobs.
Things take a rollercoaster turn for Angela when Photographs of her and James are released making it look like they are an item this causes huge problems with her relationship with new boyfriend Alex, and with her work she is close to losing her job which also means losing her Visa and having to go back to her old life in England.

Angela has to try and prove that there is nothing going on between her and James but this is not going to be easy. No one believes her and she has to admit looking at the pictures it does paint a pretty convincing story. But Angela finds out some information which could save her but will she be able to prove it?

I really enjoyed this book although I have to say it was my least favourite out of the three books in the series. I didn't warm to Angela as much in this book as the other two but I do not feel this ruined the book. All the way through the book you are constantly hoping that things will turn around for Angela as she has so much to lose after she has built her life back up.

I would recommend this book but I would say make sure you do read the first book before as although you will still follow the storyline easily enough you may not like the character of Angela as her characteristics are built up to you in the first book. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three of the I Heart books.

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