Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My Single Friend by Jane Costello

I have often seen books by Jane Costello but for some reason they have never really appealed to me.  One of my clients had read one of her books and said what an enjoyable read it was so I decided to give one of her books a try. I chose My Single Friend as the blurb sounded different to most chick lit books I have read.

Lucy and Henry have been best friends since school. They are now living together and both have terrible love lives, Lucy because she can’t help but lie about her interest to her dates and she always seems to get caught out, and Henry because... well Henry needs all the help he can get which is where Project Henry comes into place.
Lucy and her girlfriends Erin and Dominique take on the challenge to transform Henry into a babe magnet by giving him a new look and giving him tips on flirting and chatting up women!
Will Henry and Lucy be able to find true love?

My opinion
Lucy is the main character in this book and I have to say her character was a breath of fresh air to read. I have read many warm loving characters recently and this is not the words I would use to describe our main character. Lucy is very down to earth, very much your average girl and she is a very believable character.
Henry is a very charming man if a little geeky. I loved his character from the moment we met him and I did feel sorry for him letting these women loose on him to give him a make over. I found the more I read the book the more I enjoy his character.
The thing which really stands out for me with this book is the humour. I found myself laughing out loud to this book. There was alot of humour throughout the book but it came out of the blue.
The story gets off to a quick start and stays on a fast pace all the way through the book. I could not put this book down it was a real page turner. I must admit the ending to the book I found was predictable but I do not feel that this ruined the book in anyway.
I would defiantly recommend this book it just ticks all the boxes. I will be on the look out for more Jane Costello books I just hope they are as good as this one. One thing I have learnt with this book is not to judge a book by its cover!!

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