Monday, 6 June 2011

Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week by Lindsey Kelk

From my previous reviews you will see that I loved the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk. They are the kind of book where you are at a loose end when you come to the end of the book as you get so wrapped up in the story that you do not want it to end!
Lindsey Kelk has been kind to us by giving us a little something to keep us going until the next I Heart book comes out. Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week is the title to this new short story and can be found on Amazon for the Kindle.
Jenny Lopez is on an all time low, returning back home to New York and a dead end. Jenny needs to find herself some work and get some love back in her life and the little thing of finding a flatmate. Jenny finds work with her friend Erin, looking after a top supermodel with a big attitude. Jenny also has someone lined up to come and look at the flat, a gay guy called Sigge. With work in sight and a possible flat mate it is time to get the romance flowing but are any of the dates she goes on going to have a happy ever after ?

My Opinion
Jenny Lopez Has A Bad week is short story of only 82 pages so as you can imagine it is a very quick read which is why I was surprised at how much the story had me gripped in such a short space of time. I was really enjoying the book when it suddenly finished I do feel like this story is like dangling sweets in front of a child! A real teaser!
 I thought it was quite nice to hear more from Angela’s friend Jenny for a change. Jenny’s character is lovely to read and I think you would be fine to read this story without having read the previous I heart series.
The best part for me was reading about her first date, I really felt for her but there was also a part of me that just wanted to laugh at her misfortune of having to sit there with that guy! This did provide the story with a nice touch of light humor.
I thoroughly enjoyed this short story my only hope is that Lindsey Kelk decides to make this story into a full book as I really think it will be a page turner.


  1. Thanks for the review! I have bookmarked it in my wishlist!:)

    Komz@The Review Girl

  2. You will love it Komal it is just as good as the I heart series. I think if a full book came out it could even be better than the I Hearts!!xx