Friday, 22 July 2011

Books To Read!!

I have got a huge smile on my face!! These are my books which are waiting to be read and I also have 2 waiting on my kindle some of which authors have sent me which I would like to say Thankyou to them. Now I have a problem which book to read first? Comments below please!!!

On The Kindle we have
* Excess All Areas - Mandy Baggot
*Breaking the Ice - Mandy Baggot

Also Keep a look out for something new coming to the blog over the weekend !!x


  1. Oh wow, u lucky thing!

    I wouldnt know which to choose first either!

    Think you are going to have to put the names in a hat! :)

    I almost picked up Paige Toon and Rowan Coleman in shop today but went for Veronica Henry's The Birthday Party for now.
    Will get around to the others very soon.

    looking forward to your reviews.


  2. I have seen Veronica Henry's name pop up in quite a few posts recently will e good to read your review Dizzy to see if it is worth picking up.


  3. All of them look great - I really enjoyed Nicola May's Working It Out!! Enjoy

    Lindsay @

  4. lol Lindsay my nephew said wow this book is new. I said they are all new, he said but this one has got white pages!!!xx

  5. HAve read the Fern britton one which was quite good - and I fancy reading teh Rowan Coleman one too. Never read Paige Toon but quite like Veronica Henry although I think her earlier books are better.

  6. Go with Paige Toon! x

  7. Mmmm - Nicola or Mandy ...... Mmmmmmm

  8. They look great reads.... enjoy them all!

  9. I've just recently bought Lessons in Laughing Out Loud and it's now on my book shelf waiting to be read. I tend to inundate myself with books and then find I don't have enough time to read them!

    CJ xx

  10. I am reading this one at the moment C. It is not what I was expecting but I am enjoying it so far xx