Saturday, 23 July 2011

To The Moon And Back by Jill Mansell

This is my first book review for a Jill Mansell Book. I have picked up a Jill Mansell book before which off the top of my head I cannot remember what the title was but I only managed the first chapter before passing it onto a friend. I never tried one of her books again as I know not everyone likes the same author and it just didn’t seem to be my cup of tea. Many of you who follow my reviews will know if I am not interested by the end of the first chapter I move onto another book as there are so many books out there I want to read the ones that are of interest to me. So how come I ended up with another Jill Mansell book? I was having the same discussion with a client of mine who loves Jill Mansell books and she couldn’t understand what there was for me not to like. So I said I would give another one a try as long as she tries another Carole Matthews book as she tried one and felt the same as I did about Jill Mansell !!

Ellie’s world has come crashing down around her, after her husband Jamie dies as a result of a car crash. Life seems to be such a struggle having people at work constantly tip toeing around her and struggling to keep up with her inhabitable flat which she is trying to keep hidden from her father in-law Tony. When Tony finally gets round to see the flat he is horrified and encourages Ellie to move into Primrose Hill to look after his new house.
This gives Ellie a chance for a new chapter in her life a new house a new job and new friendships will she be able to put the past behind her and make a new life for herself?  

My Opinion.
At the start of To The Moon and Back we meet our main character Ellie and her husband Jamie. They both seem like warm down to earth characters, blissfully in love and enjoying their lives together until Jamie has a car accident which results in him dying. The story then jumps forward 15 months which I am quite please about as once I read the part where Jamie had died I thought the rest of the book was going to be quite morbid and was going to be a challenge to read, but luckily we meet back with Ellie when she is reaching the stage in her grieving process where she is ready to take the next step and move on with her life.
 As we watch Ellie’s journey in the new chapter in her life you can’t help but routing for her and hoping that she can find happiness again. What I loved about this book was although our main storyline was about Ellie moving on with her life each character that came into the story had their own story going on which Jill manages to weave into the main story line making it more interesting and bringing more to the book. Having said this the main plot was not very challenging so it would defiantly make for an easy read.
I have to say my favourite character was Zach who is Ellie’s new boss, he seemed so charming I wish we could have seen a little more of the relationship between Zach and Ellie.
I did find that book seemed to flow at such a slow pace which at a point I was unsure if I was going to be able to carry on with the book but luckily I persevered with it and it did pick up again. I enjoyed the last part of the book and in my opinion the last few chapters of the book was the best part of the book and I wish we could have read more about the relationship at the end.
After reading this book I would give another book by Jill Mansell another go but I would like the plot do be something a little more challenging to keep me gripped.



  1. I really thought I had read this one but from your review I realised I hadn't - and the book is still sitting there on the shelf! I usually quite like Jill Mansell - have a couple of her older ones out of the library as they had some shiny new copies - and I'm a sucjker for a new library books.
    I feel the same way about a book - I will give up early on instead of plodding through it. But recently I have read a couple that I felt this way about but I am glad I perservered as they did get better and I enjoyed them. Am reading a Rowan Coleman after reading your interview with her.

  2. I have a Jill Mansell book called Rumour Has It. I really need to get round to reading all these books I keep buying. I'm very behind with my TBR pile.

    CJ xx

  3. I know what you mean Crystal I had someone recommend the author Alice Peterson the other day I replied I have never come accross a book by that author. Then when I looked on my tbr pile there is her book Monday to friday man!!!xx

  4. I am nearly finished Rowan Coleman Jo so review should be up tomorrow xx

  5. Love Jill Mansell - she's shared a couple of holidays with me lying in the shade on a sun lounger (laugh) with her books! However haven't read this one yet (a bit busy at the moment) and am interested to read your review. I've reached a point in my life where I give a book a chance until I'm about 20% through, then I ditch or read to the end. I think most authors would like this sort of feedback before the book goes into print - I for one hope that my lovely Associate Readers warn me in time so I can revise and up the pace! Love a truthful review with constructive feedback.