Friday, 5 August 2011

My Letterbox

Look what we have this week in the letter box! All I can say is I think your To be Read piles are going to start growing!

What You Don't Know by Lizzie Enfield. This is Lizzie's first novel and is available on paperback from 18th August. This book promises warmth and humour and we all know that humour is something I love in a book so this is going to be my next read.

Private Lives by Tasmina Perry. I love the sound of this. This novel promises A sizzling cocktail of naughty celebrities, sexy Lawyers, cheeky tabloids and super-injunctions. What more could we ask for! This book is now available in Hardback and as an e-book

Gypsy Wedding by Kate Lace. I am very curious about this book. I find the lives of gypsies intriguing especially after getting a little insight from the recent series so I am looking forward to reading this book to see how things pan out when a traveller girl wants to go to college and learn dress making.

Thank you to Headline Review and Arrow for sending me these books to review. I look forward to reading them and giving you all my honest opinion.


  1. Look forward to your reviews Rea x

  2. Ooo, I am also a big fan of Gypsy life... okay, mine comes from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! Would love to hear what you think of it!! :)

  3. I think that series caught many peoples attention! Even people who moaned to me about it still seemed to watch each episode!!I hope I enjoy the book as much xx

  4. looks so reviews soon..wanna know how u find these books!:)