Friday, 5 August 2011

Sometimes It Happens by Pauline Barclay

I have read very mixed reviews about Pauline Barclay’s Sometimes it Happens book. I decided because I am not having a holiday this year it would be nice to read a book which takes me away!

“Winning the lottery was just the beginning for Doreen Wilkinson, nothing prepared Doreen for her holiday at Villas Bonitas and nothing prepared Villas Bonitas for Doreen Wilkinson. Sometimes It about secrets, deception, lies, love and laughter. Tears will flow because this is one holiday that will never ever be forgotten by many!”

My Opinion
This book has got a real mix of characters. From rags to riches is how you would describe this bunch of characters. I loved our main character Doreen although reading about her character made me feel like I was reading about my mum as she is also called Doreen who is a cleaner and is always found with a fag in her mouth and speaks in a South London twang! Unfortunately that is where the similarities end as my mum hasn’t won the lottery!

I found Doreen’s character easy to read but that is because I have grown up in the South East so I am used to her way of talking, I can imagine for people who are overseas reading this book they may not understand her way of talking. I had to mention this as the negative comments I have seen about this ook seems to mention this each time.

I absolutely loved the way each character has got their own personal reason for being at Villas Bonitas.  They all held a secret as to their being there and other than one I couldn’t predict what these secrets would be. This is for me what kept me gripped as I do love the element of suspense in a book.

Although we see each of the characters points of view Barclay manages to bring each of the characters together. There are many characters and many story lines in this book but because of the way Barclay weaves them altogether I never found I was losing my way in this book.

I did find the novel was a little slow to start but once the pace got going I soon felt myself lying round the pool at Villas Bonitas. This is defiantly an ideal holiday read. It brings you the idyllic scene to get you into the holiday mood, with an easy storyline which enables you to pick up and put down at ease.  


  1. Rea, thank you and I am so pleased you enjoyed the book. Hugs x

  2. Pauline You are most welcome. Hope we don't have to wait too long for another Barclay book!!!xx

  3. This must be the sunshine holiday read of 2011 - I recommend you Kindle 'Sometimes it Happens' before the summer sunshine becomes just a distant memory...! (Sigh)