Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Night With The Girls by Shari Low

I have just finished reading Friday Night With The Girls by Shari Low which is due for release in paperback on the 13th October. I am sure some of you have heard of Shari Low and that is because she has two weekly columns at the Daily Record newspaper. Obviously a lady with a great way with words I was expecting a great read but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I got!

You should write it all down, Lou, so that your daughter can understand what happened. Everything, Right from the start.'
Lou Cairney's life has never been dull. But through twenty years of ups, downs and really bad hairstyles, Lou has had the best friends a woman could hope for in Lizzy and Ginger. Growing up together, they shared their dreams and their disasters, broken hearts and career crashes and they survived it all thanks to love, hope and a large dollop of humour. And cocktails. Lots of cocktails. Until now. Lou needs her friends more than ever because her past has just caught up with her in a shocking way. Everyone makes mistakes in life - but Lou has just discovered that she might have made the biggest one of all..

My Opinion
When I read the synopsis to this book I knew it was going to be the kind of book I would enjoy and I also thought I knew a couple of scenarios as to what had happened in the past had come back to bite Lou on the bum... I was wrong. There is a twist in this book which I was not expecting and to say I was shocked was an understatement.

The structure of this book works well for this kind of storyline. When we first meet the girls they are meeting up for their Friday Girls Night at The St Kentigern Hotel, the story then jumps back in time to when the girls were growing up together and we get to follow along on the girls journey growing up together. Each chapter alternates between the present day in the hotel and then back to a pivotal point in their lives. Shari Low has been very clever in structuring this book in this way as by doing this we feel as if we really know each one of the girls, well I for one felt like I was one of the girls, and this is important for when we get to the twist in the book as we feel as if we are there with them and so feel the emotions that the girls would be feeling.

The storyline is very realistic and each of the girls although they all have very different characteristics they all felt like genuine people. The way that Shari Low brings across the friendship between these girls is beautiful and she manages to balance the three girls perfectly without one feeling pushed out. The book continues at a great pace and at no point during the book did I feel the book start to dull on me.

I felt every emotion possible whilst reading this book, there were times when I laughed out loud, but equally there were times where I had a lump in my throat, this book is truly a touching read.
This is definitely one for your to be read list and I will be looking forward to the next Shari Low book.


  1. Sounds like there's lots of intrigue going on in the background Rea. One for my wishlist :)

  2. Wow - now I want to know what the shocking secret is! I'm familiar with Shari's columns and will look out for this book. Thanks Rea!

  3. Love the cover and your review made me very interested in reading this!