Thursday, 29 September 2011

Post Box

I have been sitting here writing my review for Scarlett Bailey's book The Night Before Christmas when I had the lovely sound of the postman knocking on ( or should I say knocking down!!) the door.
Look what we have !!!

We have two more entries to our Christmas 2011 book competition Miranda Dickinson It started with a Kiss, and The Jewels of Manhattan by Carmen Reid. Wow I am glad the competition is not based just on the cover as this would be a real hard decision to make as all the entries so far have such a beautiful festive feel to them. 

Now don't worry if all this festive talk is all coming a bit too quick for you as Shirley Benton has come to your rescue by letting us have a copy of her book Looking for Leon.
thank you to the authors and the publishers for sending us the advanced copies.

SO ladies what review are you most looking forward to......


  1. Ooohhhh! Lovely stash!
    Looking forward to all 3 reviews :)


  2. OOh, so those are so pretty! I look forward to reading your review on each book.

  3. I have read looking for leon(like this cover better than the one before), and can't wait for it started with a kiss

  4. I got my copy of 'It Started With A Kiss' today too... so excited! Can't wait to see if we end up with the same favourite for this year! xx


  5. Thankyou for coming and sharing the excitement ladies now it is just the hard choice of which to read first!!xx