Sunday, 13 November 2011

An Autumn Crush by Milly Johnson. GUEST REVIEW

I have found that I just don't have enough time to read all the amazing books which have been released recently. One book I constantly keep hearing great things about is Milly Johnson An Autumn Crush. Because I have scheduled book reviews to go up I knew I wouldn't be able to review this book this side of Christmas so I have decided that once a month I am going to have a guest review on the blog. Our first guest is Kayla Staniland and she has agreed to give us her opinion on An Autumn Crush.

Over to you Kayla......

This is my first Milly Johnson read and i bought this book totally based on the cover. I loved the illustration and after reading the plot i decided to give this book a try and i am so glad that i did.

This book is set out lovely, We follow the journeys of Juliet, Floz,Juliet's twin brother Guy,Steve and the lovely Coco. Juliet is starting on a new venture after a horrible divorce that tore a close friendship apart, she with the help of her fabulous gay best friend Coco searches for a flatmate and after a few awful interviews she finally meets the lovely sweet Floz.Floz is everything that Juliet wants in a flatmate and a friend, She too has had disasturous past and is not unknown to have had heartbreak in her life. Juliet and Coco decide they are going to try some internet dating, but Floz is totally against the idea! This opens up a can of worms from Floz's past and takes the character of a very deep and dark journey.

Guy is Juliet's twin brother and is not a stranger to tougher times, When he meets Floz he falls head over heels but makes a bad impression that sticks and he has to work very hard to put things right. Steve is Guy's best friend since being small and is totally smitten with Juliet and has been for as long as he can remember, Juliet however doesnt make any secret in the fact she thinks Steve is a total idiot and cant even tolerate his company!!

I loved the way that Milly entwined all the characters together, Each character is strong and i felt the more i read about each of them the more i wanted to know. I felt that this book was so well written in the fact that each characters story was in enough depth that when reading it you didnt feel it skimmed over details, and it became really addictive really quickly. The male characters are written really well and it was so easy to read from a male characters perspective in the book!.I also found that because the chapters where short i could dip in and out of the book and it was so easy to pick up and escape into.

This book was utterly brilliant it made me laugh out loud and even in the last few chapters it made me a little teary. I would definatly read more books by Milly and would say if you are a fan of chic lit and are looking for a book to curl up with this autumn then this is definatly a must read!!!

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