Thursday, 10 November 2011

Home For Christmas by Cally Taylor

Before I give you my review for Cally Taylor's new book I would like to say congratulations to Cally on the birth of her new bundle of joy ( Christmas has obviously come early for you!). Because Cally is a new mum it she hasn't got the time she would like to promote her book so we are all going to give her a hand in getting her book known! We would like you all to comment below and answer the following question ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS......

My Review
I have previously read a book by Cally Taylor, Heaven Can Wait and I remember it being an enjoyable easy read. I have just finished reading her new novel Home for Christmas as part of my Best Christmas Book 2011.
In this book our main character is Beth who I found to be a very loveable and caring character who seems to have had nothing but disasters when it comes to finding the love of her Life. If it isn’t bad enough that she has yet to find a man who tells her he loves her, the rest of her world comes crashing down when the handsome Matt arrives at her workplace Picturebox, trying to get his mucky paws on the cinema resulting in her losing her much loved job.
The story is told in first person point of view and swaps between Beth and Matt. This style of writing was great for this book as we really got to know each of the leading characters and how they both felt about certain situations. I found Home for Christmas an easy read the same as Taylor’s previous book. I did miss the magical feel that was in her previous book there was a point early on in the book where I thought that the magical part was coming but it was actually real so the book wasn’t what I was expecting but I still enjoyed it none the less.
There were many times in this book when I found myself chuckling away with the bare bum part being the one which comes to mind as this would be something that would happen to me!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book my only little disappointment was the lack of Christmas content, it was an enjoyable read but not one to get you in the Christmas spirit.
This is definitely worth picking up and I will be keeping an eye out for future novels by Cally Taylor.

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