Sunday, 11 December 2011

Author Interview with Scarlett Bailey

We welcome the author of our Best Christmas Book 2011 


Thank you for coming over and talking to us. We would firstly like to congratulate you on winning our competion and also thank you for bringing us a beautiful festive book for Christmas. We would love to ask you a few questions.

1. How will you be spending your perfect Christmas this year?
I will be enjoying a quiet Christmas with a certain young man, at home. There will be a log fire, a lot Bailey's, maybe a bit of turkey and a lot of friends and family, which after is what it’s all about.

2. I was amazed by the amount of descriptive writing which was used in your debut book especially when talking about the beautiful old house, is this house somewhere you have stayed before, I know I feel like I have stayed there now after reading your book!
The house is based on a B&B I stayed in in Keswick when I was researching the book, which was built for two sisters to live in side by side in. But I've moved it out of the town and into the more remote Lake District and put in on a shore. I also invented Mad Mollie, who may or may not haunt Heron's Pike.

3. You also have a short story in the form of an advent calendar(click here to view Scarlett's calendar)how did you come up with this fabulous idea?
Lovely people who have already read The Night Before Christmas (thank you, lovely people!) kept asking me what more of mine they could read next, and they seemed really disappointed when I told them there would be a year's wait! I've have so much amazing support, I thought it would be fun and a nice thank you to write a Christmas short story - although in the end it will be more of a novella, about twenty-five thousand words long - and a friend told me about the advent calendar app which seemed to fit perfectly. Its lots of fun to do it....I'm writing it as I go so I have no idea what will happen in the end either!

4. Have you started work on your second novel and can you tell us what to expect? I have, it's going to be called 'Married by Christmas' and it about Anna, who discovers with only two weeks to go until her Christmas Eve wedding that her fiance is still married to a Vegas Show Girl, and has no idea where she is. The race is on for Anna to track the first wife down and get that ring on her finger. Needless to say nothing happens the way she expects it to....

5.What are your favourite 3 things about Christmas? Presents, Food and the people I love. Oh and Baileys (Can I have sneaky fourth?)xxx

Thank you Scarlett it is always great to find out a little about the author behind a début book.Make sure you get your copy of Scarlett Bailey's book before Christmas by clicking on the link below...

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