Thursday, 15 December 2011

Watch Over Me by Daniela Sacerdoti

Well I am going to start my review in a slightly different way and that is getting my negative point out of the way and for this book there is only one negative, it should come with a free box of tissues!

Where do you go when you have nothing left? Home, of course.
Eilidh’s life is turned upside down, with the end of her marriage and the loss of her first, much longed for baby. She returns to Glen Avich, a small village in the Scottish Highlands, where her family has lived for generations.
She’s looking for life after hope – but will she find the courage to trust and love again?
Jamie McAnena is bringing up Maisie, his daughter, alone, after her mother left Glen Avich for London. His heart is frozen, and he’s resigned to be a family of two.
But he knows that something is missing…
Glen Avich is a place where time can stand still, where memories of past lives come alive – where ghosts listen to the hearts of those who call.
Eilidh and Jamie are about to find out that love never dies.
That beyond the fear and pain, beyond loneliness, love is there to catch us when we fall.
That even when it looks like all is lost there’s always someone to watch over us.

My opinion
This has got to be the most touching and emotional book I have read this year. Watch over Me is such a delicate and beautiful read that you can’t help but fall in to the storyline from the first page. It is impossible for someone to read this book and it not touch them in some way as we have all lost some one important in our lives and this book gives you the comfort and hope we all need that our loved ones are still looking over us.

Each of the characters were endearing to read which makes the characters feel real which helps in pulling our emotional strings. This is one book where I loved each of the main characters as much as the next I couldn’t pick out a favourite as each of the characters were so warm and genuine.

The storyline was so moving and easy to follow. The way in which the book is set out is so that it keeps swapping between the characters narrating the story so you get to feel firsthand how each of the characters are feeling and thinking.

I cannot recommend this book enough this ticks all of the boxes for me and it is such a stunning novel for a debut author, Daniela Sacerdoti is clearly an author to look out for.

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  1. Lovely review Rea!I totally agree,it should come with a free box of tissues:)What a touchy story!Eilidh is my Hero,love her:)
    Thanks for sharing with us this lovely review
    Love x x