Friday, 20 January 2012

Love, Lies and Promises by Joanna Lambert

Love Lies and Promises is the second book in Joanna Lambert’s Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy. I read the first book last year which is When Tomorrow Comes which I thoroughly enjoyed and found it a real page turner I couldn’t wait to get back to the great mix of characters again to see what lies instore especially for Ella.

1968: With Christmas approaching, Ella Kendrick is looking forward to the return of Matt Benedict and his band, the Attitude, from their UK tour. She hopes to use the festive season to stir a little romance into what has been up to now just a friendship with the quiet, shy songwriter. But her plans run into trouble when the band is rerouted to Switzerland for special performances, keeping them out of the country until the New Year. Matt and Ella eventually get together in the Spring of '69. But the romantic reunion does not quite live up to her expectations and on returning home she discovers the reason - he is planning to marry someone he has met in London, where he now lives. Her dream finally over, Ella tries to put the pain and disappointment behind her. She gives all her concentration to setting up her business, unaware that behind the scenes her devious mother Mel is finalising her plans, pushing her towards a match with local rich bad boy Andy Macayne, the man she has always wanted her daughter to marry. A year later Ella is convinced she has it all - a handsome husband who loves her, a beautiful home and a thriving business. With all of this she finds it easy to forget the past and move on. But when 'happy ever after' goes wrong and Ella returns to the village where she grew up, looking for support from her grandparents, she has no idea her past is about to come back - with devastating consequences.

My Opinion.
This book really didn’t disappoint. The story slipped straight off to a great start by the end of the first chapter I was already hooked again and knew it wasn’t going to take long to finish. Once again the book mainly focuses around Ella’s story but often trails off into the lives of those around her. I couldn’t think of a better title as it really says it all, the books is full of lies and deceit some of which I found predictable and others had me gasping in shock.

I love that Joanna Lambert really teases you with the storyline when it comes to Ella and Matt’s relationship you are never quite sure if they are going to finally get together or not after all of these obstacles are put in their way. I still stand by what I said in my first review that I really get the feel of the Heart Beat programme when I read these books but in my opinion that is great as it brings something different from most romance saga’s out there at the moment. I cannot wait to get started on book 3 in the series.

If you are looking for a good old fashioned romance story for a nice comfortable Sunday in then this is the real page turner you need.

Why not head over and get your hands on a copy of the first book in the series on the Amazon link below


  1. Something different is no bad recommendation for a romance! I love the cover! Great review. Well done! :)

  2. This looks like a great read, thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Love good old fashioned romance stories.... something to curl up with on a 'me' day! Love Joanna Lambert - she's a lovely lady and a great author.

  4. Many thanks for such a great review Rea! So glad you've enjoyed the trilogy so far. Readers tell me that the final part - The Ghost of You and Me - is the best of the three books, hope you agree when you read it.

  5. I can't wait to get started Jo have found the first two books impossible to put down!! Thank you for all your comments ladies xx