Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mexico here I come!!!!

I am going to MEXICO!!!
I am going away on Tuesday for 2 weeks
but don't worry I haven't forgotten about you!
I have scheduled reviews to go up for you 
whilst I am away!
I have also finally decided on the books I am taking.....

On my kindle I have 
Pear Shaped by Stella Newman
Renovation,Renovation,Renovation by Nell Dixon
Anywhere But Here by Jenny Gardiner
Mad About The Boy by Suzan Battah

I hope this will be enough to keep me going!!! 
See you when I get back and remember to pop back to check for 
new reviews xxx

Only 99p at the moment on kindle HURRY!!


  1. Looks like you will be getting a tan and have some great books to read in the nice sunny weather. Mexico Sun is not like our sun. Take plenty of Sun Block. Have fun.

  2. Enjoy your hols. Hopefully you'll have enough books to keep you entertained.

  3. Thankyoo ladies, Grace I have 3 bottles of Tan lotion as I am lilly white so don't want to take any chances!! Im hoping thats enough books Sharon I have never done a 2 week holiday before so not sure!!xx

  4. Oh wow - how fab! Mexico sounds great and is on my to-go-list one day. Have lots of fun! xx

  5. I'm so jealous I want to read manic mum day ave a lovely holiday xxxx

  6. By the way it's kayla it won't let me out my name haha xxx