Monday, 9 April 2012

California Dreamers by Belinda Jones

Ever wished you could make-over your life?

Make-up artist Stella is an expert at helping other people change their images, but when it comes to transforming herself, she doesn't even know where to start.

So when her new friend, glamorous Hollywood actress Marina Ray, summons her a movie set in California, Stella can't resist the chance to start afresh - it is the land of sunshine and opportunity after all!

But are they really friends or does Marina have an ulterior motive? What is the secret that both women are hiding about the nautical (but nice) men in their lives? And what will it take to really make both of their California dreams come true?

In a Pacific Coast journey that takes in Los Angeles, the world's most romantic ranch and California's very own castle in the sky - this story of friendship, long-distance love, kissing (and making up) is the perfect escapist read.

My Opinion

When it comes to finding the perfect beach read the first author who always springs to mind is Belinda Jones. Her descriptive writing style has always made me feel as if I am abroad at the setting of the books so I saved California Dreamers for my holiday.
The main character in this book is make-up artist Stella. I loved Stella and feel like I connected with her, which I think could possibly be because she is in a similar industry to me although my life isn’t as exciting as Stella’s!

I enjoyed the storyline and the facts that were given I found interesting but one thing I didn’t find with California Dreamers was that the descriptive writing was lacking a little in this book compared with her previous books and I didn’t feel as though I was being transported anywhere where as usually after reading any of Belinda Jones books I get an urge to go on holiday to the location but I didn’t get this with this book and I genuinely missed this. I did enjoy the romance that the author creates between certain characters and I think this is what saved the book for me and helped me to finish the book.

Although I wasn’t blown away by this book I have loved all of the authors previous books so I will still be picking up her next book when it is released I just hope some of the authors old writing techniques are brought back in her next book as I really missed them here.

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