Saturday, 7 April 2012

Never Can Say Goodbye by Christina Jones

I am a huge Christina Jones fan, so when I heard she was releasing the final book in her current series I was devastated as these books are a world of their own I have never read a book by another author which has them same feel to them as these books. This last book, Never can say Goodbye was released earlier in the year and I couldn’t get it in any of our local stores so I ordered it online from Waterstones and I have been beside myself waiting for it as it has only just arrived so my advice to you is make sure you order from Amazon so you don’t have to be tortured by the waiting time.

This book focuses on the character Frankie who has been heartbroken and spends her days working in a retro clothes shop until Rita who owns the shop up sticks and moves abroad leaving the shop to Frankie. It was great to read along with the changes Frankie makes to the shop to put her own stamp on it, she really developed as a character during this part of the book, and the community support shines through in this part of the book as some of the characters we have met in previous books step in to help Frankie get the shop prepared for its open day.
Frankie is not the only character who has had a business dropped in their lap, heartthrob Dexter finds himself in the same situation and the two characters become close. All is going well until crazy Maisie arrives and announces that the shop is haunted although at the time Frankie passes it as nonsense however she soon changes her mind.
I love the quirky mix of characters in this book, some of whom I remember from previous books which gives the book a cosy and familiar feel to it, and I think this is why Christina Jones books are such an easy read that make you fall into the storyline because you are already familiar with the idyllic village and quirky characters.
There is a fresh new storyline and I must admit if I hadn’t already fallen in love with Christina Jones style of writing I may have been a little hesitant to read this one as I am not a fan of ghostly stories, but the magical element that Christina creates , makes this book a pleasant read.
I loved the relationship between Dexter and Frankie and it was clear from the start that they both had a lot of baggage which was keeping them apart and I have to say there was no way I would have predicted Dexter’s situation.
This is a fabulous read, if you want to get away from the day to day life then I would recommend you pop your nose in a Christina Jones book and find yourself transported to a dream world full of humour and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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  1. Great Review Rea, enjoying your blogs. Good luck with everything. Jane