Friday, 6 July 2012

Chrissie Manby Interview

One of my favourite books that I read last month was What I did on my Holidays by Chrissie Manby. I only read my first book by this wonderful author last year when I read Spa Wars which I loved, so I was eager to get her over for a little chat to find out more about her.

Welcome Chrissie Manby....

1) Tell us a little about your new book What I did on my Holidays.
  What I Did On My Holidays is the story of Sophie Sturgeon, who finds herself single the night before she and her boyfriend Callum are supposed to go on a big romantic holiday. In the heat of their break-up row, Sophie tells him she's going to go to Majorca regardless but when it comes to getting the plane, she bottles out and stays home. However, when her friends, who think she took the trip, congratulate her on her bravery and assure her that Callum is rattled by her move, Sophie decides she has no choice but to pretend she is in Majorca after all. Things become complicated when her sister Clare, who has come to water the plants, discovers Sophie in hiding. Clare has problems of her own, and before Sophie can protest, Clare 'joins' Sophie in Majorca and they are locked into creating the ultimate fake break.

 2) What gave you the inspiration to write this book?

The premise behind WIDOMH is an extension of that classic mobile-phone enabled lie 'I'm in the office', when you're really tucked under the duvet. Now we have phones and laptops, we can work - and pretend to be - literally anywhere. But, of course, social networking creates its own problems. These days, you're expected to remain in contact all the time, even when you are on the beach.

3) What research did you do for this book ( I have visions of you hidden under the bed!) 

Ha! I haven't been able to fit under the bed for a very long time!

4) Are you currently working on your next book and can you tell us what to expect?

I've just finished writing a book called 'A Proper Family Holiday', which is set in Lanzarote. It follows the adventures of the Benson Family, who are holidaying together to celebrate Jacqui Benson the matriarch's sixtieth birthday. The action centres on Jacqui's daughters, Ronnie and Chelsea, who haven't spoken to each other in three years when they are forced back together by Jacqui's birthday wishes. The sisters lead very different lives - Ronnie is a mum, CHelsea is a magazine editor - and the tension of holidaying together threatens to ruin their relationship forever.

5) What was the last book you read and would you recommend it? I am currently reading the Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo. It's a book of life lessons drawn from the experiences of the great fashion designer. I'm enjoying it very much. I'm very interested in fashion.

6) Are you a Kindle convert?

 I would not be without mine! I love being able to summon up a new book anytime, anywhere

7) You are stuck on REA'S DESERT ISLAND what would be your three must have items?

My Kindle! Murad sunscreen and an endless supply of Earl Grey tea-bags.

Thank you Chrissie for taking the time to talk to us. 

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