Thursday, 5 July 2012

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk

I am a huge fan of Lindsey Kelk and I have loved every one of her books. I have eagerly been waiting to read her newest release I Heart London but with so many books lined up to review it was taking a back seat. After reading Fifty Shades of Grey I was eager to get back to my chick lit and so I decided to go down town and pick up my copy of I Heart London which was easily recognised on the shelf by its fantastic cover.

Angela and Jenny are back with a bang. After a phone call from Angela’s mum demanding she returns to London with Alex for her birthday Angela has no choice but to return to London but lucky for us she has Jenny in toe! Angela finds it very unsettling being back in her home town she has changed so much through the previous four books that she no longer sees London as home. It’s not long before her meddling mother is pushing Angela into something that she is not quite sure she wants to be doing and rather than have the constant reassurance and support from her two best friends Louisa and Jenny they seem more intent on competing between them for Angela’s friendship. We never know how things will pan out for poor Angela in her rollercoaster life, will she stay or will she flee!

As ever Lindsey Kelks writing style flows so effortlessly that I found myself falling easily into the storyline and before I knew it I had finished in under a day. This was pure entertainment on every page.  I found the confrontation between both Jenny and Louisa both frustrating and entertaining at the same time as they were fighting to be Angela’s number one! With this book being set in London it had a very familiar and comfortable feel to it especially when places of interest that I have been to were featured. Alex and Angela’s relationship seems to be running a lot more smoothly in this book and I found I warmed to Alex more in this book. We also finally managed to find out more about Angela’s best friend Louisa who is mentioned in the previous books but now I really feel like I know her character better.

I found this book very unpredictable which just added to the endless amount of positives for this book even down to the ending I still wasn’t sure which way things were going to pan out. I really think that the author has created two of the best characters in chick lit in Angela and Jenny whatever these women get up to just have us hooked and gripping our sides!

If you have read the previous I Heart books then you will love this one it is one of my favourites..... hell they are all my favourites! For those of you who have yet to read one of the I Heart books you need to pick these books up they are great entertaining reads which have you eagerly awaiting the release of the next book. I can only wonder where Angela’s adventures will take her next!

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