Sunday, 26 August 2012

How to look like You by Rose McClelland

When I read Rose McClelland’s debut book I remember thinking this is going to be an author to watch and after reading her second book my thoughts have been proven right.

Have you ever had a frenemy? Someone you smile at sweetly but secretly you are filled with jealousy?
Meet Chloe and Ella. 
While Chloe sees herself as dowdy, quiet and going nowhere, Ella is brimming with talents: acting, singing, and outward-sitting, bronzed boobs. Yet, Ella envies Chloe’s steady relationship with Aidan, her stick-thin figure and her perfectly poised style. As a result, Ella feels overweight, over-single and over-the-hill.

As Ella begins to work alongside Aidan, she develops feelings she shouldn’t have. When he invites her to join his band, it’s no surprise Chloe reacts by slamming the door off the handle.
Then Chloe begins a strategy of her own: Operation Simon. If she starts to go out more often with the bloke from work, surely Aidan would take notice?

Will Aidan smell Simon’s advances? 
Will Chloe and Aidan’s shared plans go ahead? 
Will Ella become a friend or an enemy?

The author has provided us with a great cast of characters and each one has been developed well. My feelings towards Chloe chopped and changed all the way through the book, on first meeting her I loathed her but as the story went along you began to feel sorry for her as you see how jealousy can change someones personality.

Ella really takes centre stage, she is eager to get her acting career off the ground and decides to take a temporary job as a waitress until things start rolling and it is here she meets my favourite character Aiden who is Chloe’s boyfriend. He was such a genuine, nice guy and you want a happy ever after for him.

Although the romance side of this book was predictable I still enjoyed reading the ups and downs that brought us to our predicted ending. 

The thing with Rose McClellands books are they are fast paced which I found didn’t leave you with a safe place to break as you are eager to know what is going to happen on the next page so be prepared to devour this book in one sitting.

My only little niggle is the cover to the book, I don’t think it shows off the gem inside the book and I would more than likely walk past this book if I saw it on the shelf but then this is where the age old saying comes into place Do not judge a book by it's cover. I look forward to seeing how this author progresses in her next book but this one definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

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