Friday, 24 August 2012

Fire After Dark by Sadie Matthews

Erotica has never been a genre of choice for me but since reading the most talked about Trilogy I have found my post box full with more erotica books most with sticky labels claiming that if you love Fifty Shades then you will love this book and this was no exception when Fire After Dark by Sadie Matthews arrived.

When Beth Villiers’ heart is broken by the only man she’s ever loved, she jumps at the chance to escape and houses it a luxurious Mayfair apartment. There, Beth catches sight of a man in the apartment opposite, and is immediately captivated. When night-time falls and the inside of his apartment is illuminated, Beth sees things she has never imagined even in the darkest shadows of her mind.

Once her and Dominic meet, mutual attraction is ignited and they begin a relationship that takes Beth down an exhilarating path.

This book is written at such an easy pace which allowed me to finish the whole book in one evening! I would definitely describe this book as sexy, sassy and exciting and I did find I was hooked which I feel is because of the ease of the authors writing style. My one negative point about this book is I personally didn’t warm to the main character Beth but yet I loved Dominic he had an unexpected gentle, sensitive side to him rather than an over confident, vain male!

What I loved about this book compared to other erotica is that yes there was a great element of sex but there was also great descriptive writing when referring to London ,the author has clearly done her research as I felt like I was on a mini tour of the City.
Compared to other erotica books this felt a little tame but definitely had the edge with regards to the storyline. I am hoping there is a sequel to this book as I felt the ending was left wide open and so I would like to see what happens next for these characters and to see if Beth grows on me in a second instalment.

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