Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Killer Heels by Rebecca Chance

This is the first book by Rebecca Chance that I have read. I have been meaning to read one of Chance’s books for a while now after reading some great reviews about her previous books so when I was sent her latest book Killer Hells to review I couldn’t wait to get started but lets justsay it was not what I was expecting!

Coco is just your average girl but very ambitious, when she lands a job working for the well known Victoria Glossop at a top Uk Fashion magazine her whole life turns upside down.

When Victoria manages to bag the job she has always dreamed of in New York Coco is flown out to join her but will Coco be able to climb the career ladder and will Victoria be able to hold onto her dream job?

This book is action packed there is so much going on and you never quite know what the next chapter will bring. I was engrossed in the storyline from the first chapter and I didn’t put it down and so I ended up finishing it in a day.

There are so many characters in this book and even the character that we only meet a handful of times have been developed well, there are characters you love and some you hate and others you are not quite sure until the twists start to occur.

There were many unpredicted twists and turns in this book and the suspense that was created in this book had you on the edge of your seat as there was no way of predicting what could happen next, but one thing I never expected was the hot and steamy sex scenes this definitely gives Fifty Shades a run for its money! I didn’t find the sex scenes crude they were in context with the characters and the storylines surrounding them but they definitely left you hot under the collar!

With the story set in and around the fashion world there is plenty of glitz and glamour and rivalry so if you are looking for a compelling read that is stylish and steamy this is definitely your next read.  

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