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Lifesaving For Beginners by Ciara Geraghty

Some of you may have read one of Ciara Geraghty’s books Finding Mr Flood, Saving Grace and Becoming Scarlett but for me Lifesaving For beginners is the first of this authors books which I have read. I usually always read the first chapter of a book that is sent to me to get a taster of the book but reading the first chapter of Lifesaving for Beginners just wasn’t enough I had to leave the current book I was struggling with and just had to carry on reading this book.

Kat Kavanagh has just had a miracle. After being involved in a car crash on a motorway and being cut out of her car she comes out of it barely touched which is not what could be said for little Milo’s mum who was in the same accident but lost her life.

Faith now has to look after her brother Milo but Faith soon finds some hidden papers which carry a hidden secret which turns Faiths life upside down. Milo having lost his mum doesn’t want to lose his sister to this secret.

Kat only wants life to go back to normal after her accident but it becomes clear this is not going to happen. Partner Thomas wants to take their relationship to the next level and settle down and have children but this is not the life Kat feels she wants.

I flew through the 438 pages of this book it was impossible to put down. Straight from the first chapter I was drawn into the storyline and the book held my attention from start to finish. The book is told alternately by both Kat and Milo’s points of view which I loved as with Milo being only ten and such a quirky little character, his side was a little more fun and fresh after reading Kats point of view which is more grown up and more serious but both of the characters brought very moving emotions to the storyline.

Milo was by far my favourite character he came across as one of those little boys who has an old head on his shoulders which I adore but another character whom I took to quickly was Ed who is Kat’s brother. Ed has Down’s Syndrome and Ed also has a big humorous character, I love that the author brings in a character with a disability and manages to write his character so well that you enjoy his character rather than feel sorry for him and just see the disability.

I loved the sudden twist that came in this story that eventually brings these characters together I had fallen right into the storyline and yet I didn’t even have the slightest clue that this twist was just around the corner so when it was revealed I was even more eager to turn the pages to see what happened next.

 I love Ciara Geraghty’s easy style of writing and how she manages to create such a beautiful warm and moving storyline. I cannot wait to read one of her previous books I have definitely got on the Ciara Geraghty fan train!

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We are lucky enough to have the talented Ciara Geraghty on the blog with us today for a little chat.

1) Lifesaving for Beginners is the first book of yours I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it but I would love to know what gave you the inspiration for this book?

I got the gem of an idea from a friend of mine who, one night, told me the story of her father’s unmarried sisters, both of whom died within months of each other. Her father was going through their personal effects afterwards and found a birth certificate. One of his sisters had given birth to a baby years before and had given the child up for adoption. The child was adopted by an American couple. He never knew. The minute I heard the story I knew I wanted to write it. The idea of a woman who gives her baby away and gets on with the living of her life, never referring to it, never talking about it, perhaps never even thinking about it. It is almost as if it never happened. And although my story begins many years later, in 1987, things in Ireland hadn’t really changed. I mean, in 1984, Ann Lovett, a 15-year old girl, gave birth to a baby boy, all alone, in the grounds of a church. She had a scissors with her. To cut the cord. It didn’t matter. They both died. I was fourteen then. I never forgot it. The loneliness of it. That kind of loneliness stays with you.

2) There are a great mix of characters in your book but Milo has to be my favourites as his character based around someone you know?

Milo is my favourite character too! And no, he’s not based on anyone I know although – coincidentally – I did live with a nine year old boy (going on ten) when I began writing the book. He’s my son Neil and while the circumstances of Neil’s life are very different to those of Milo’s, I’d have to say that Neil definitely inspired the writing of Milo’s character.

3) Are you currently working on your next book and is there anything you can tell us about it?

Yes, I just began another story. It’s about a taxi driver called Joe (have no surname yet!) who is struggling to raise his teenage daughter and young son on his own. It’s at that tentative, shaky-legged stage at the moment so I don’t want to say too much more about it, other than the fact that I’m excited!

4) Are you a Kindle convert ?

So strange that you should ask me that today because, just a few hours ago, I managed to finally finish a book on my Kindle. I’ve had the kindle since last Christmas (it was a present, I’d never have bought one, being a lover and keen smeller of new books). The first book I downloaded was ‘How to be a woman’ by Caitlin Moran and while the book is fantastically funny and deeply poignant, it’s taken me months to read it, only because it was on the kindle and I just couldn’t come to terms with the device (for example, I hate the way you don’t know what page you’re on, only what percentage you’ve read). I’d say in the future, I will use the Kindle but if I really love a book, I’ll buy the old-fashioned version for my bookcase. And then I can smell it whenever I want to….

5) What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

Apart from ‘How to be a Woman,I’ve just finished reading ‘The China Factory’ by Irish writer Mary Costello. It’s a debut collection of short stories and has recently been longlistedforThe Guardian First Book Award. And yes, I’d recommend it. The stories are quiet and careful and have the ability to thump you in the face, while gently stroking your hair. I love the short story form; the way it offers the reader a brief glimpse into a life that you would otherwise not know. Short stories are short on resolution which I like because that’s real life, isn’t it? Novels, by their nature, are expected to provide resolution and most of the time, they do and it makes them satisfying to read. A good short story leaves you wanting, and can linger in your mind long after you’ve finished the tale. I like that.

6) How will you be celebrating on publication day? 

There’ll be a book launch on the 10th of October in Dubray Books in Grafton Street (Dublin) and a few drinks afterwards at McDaid’s on Harry Street. That’s one of the many Dublin pubs where Brendan Behan drank in his day. If it was good enough for Brendan….

7) If you were stuck on a desert Island what would be your 3 must have items?

Only three?
That’s harsh….
 1) Frank MacLochlainn. He knows how to do useful things like make fire using flint and sticks. He’d dance around the flames and roar ‘I MADE FY-AGHHH’ much like Tom Hanks in Castaway. I’d say he could erect some form of shelter too, in case the weather is inclement. And it’d be nice to have someone to talk to: Me: When are we going to get off this God-forsaken island? Him: Will you stop asking me that, I haven’t got a clue. Me: Typical! Him: We’re on a desert fecking island and you’re still nagging me…. 

2) A guitar. I’d finally have the time to expand on my guitarprowess, which currently consists of three chords: G, C and D. First thing I’d learn would be the guitar solo in Stairway to Heaven. There I’d be, headbanging around the FY-AGHHH, wearing coconut shells for a bra, him, dancing away with the hide of some exotic animal wrapped around his bottom. 

3) My laptop. So I could tweet about my adventures on the desert island (@world tropical islands aren’t as much fun as you’d think #creepiecrawlies). Post a few pics on my Facebook page. Maybe one of MacLochlainn dancing in the firelight with theanimal pelt wrapped around his bits and pieces. Something atmospheric and desert-island-esqe. But the battery on my laptop isn’t what it used to be. Perhaps MacLochlainn could harness some electricity during one of those tropical storms you hear about. A bit like Marty and Doc Brown, in Back To The Future. He could probably try his hand at making a Flux Capacitor while he’s at it. We could head off to the swinging sixties, since I missed it the first time around….

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Ciara I for one can not wait for your next read!
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Good Luck

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Dearest Rose by Rowan Coleman

I do love that moment when you hear one of your favourite authors has another book due to be released. It is no secret that one of my top authors is Rowan Coleman so when I received an early review copy of Dearest Rose I was ecstatic and I wasted no time in getting started.


 'You are a remarkable woman and you deserve all the happiness, contentment and love in the world. I, for one, know that I have never met anyone quite like you.'

When Rose Pritchard turns up on the doorstep of a Cumbrian B&B it is her last resort. She and her seven-year-old daughter Maddie have left everything behind. And they have come to the village of Millthwaite in search of the person who once offered Rose hope. Almost immediately Rose wonders if she's made a terrible mistake - if she's chasing a dream - but she knows in her heart that she cannot go back. She's been given a second chance - at life, and love - but will she have the courage to take it?

The author has brought us a fantastic wide mix of characters in this book. Our Heroine Rose is such a vulnerable and delicate character who is full of emotion and yet hollow at the same time. Her life and  her story is heartbreaking and the only thing bringing light into her life is her daughter Maddie and a postcard from a stranger who she hopes to meet again someday. I love Maddie she is such an unusual character you can’t help falling for her quirkiness and yet again the heart strings are pulled when you find out the reason she is how she is.

This book has been written beautifully with heartbreaking and raw emotion on every page but the storyline feels so delicate and tender it must have been very difficult for Rowan Coleman to write this book but I know that her hard work will pay off with this book.

Shona brings a little light to the book when she arrives to give Rose a helping hand and this was needed in this book just to bring a little humour to an incredibly touching book.

This is completely different from the authors previous books but it is obvious that this has been written right from her heart. I do not usually read books about abuse as unfortunately there is enough of that in the real world but I had to read this and I am so glad I did for once I do not feel my words can do this book the justice it deserves.

Rowan Coleman had brought us a heartbreaking and truly compelling read that is full of raw emotion and pure courage. I highly recommend this book along with a box of Kleenex but one thing is for sure I won’t be loaning my copy out this one is here to stay on my shelf !

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Friends and Rivals by Tilly Bagshawe

Friends and Rivals is my first book by Tilly Bagshawe and I fell in love with the cover of this hardback book although very simplistic it is beautiful I was just hoping I would love the story inside just as much.

Kat fears she is past her prime. Her philandering husband, Ivan, who she still loves passionately after twenty years of marriage, leaves her for a younger woman. Devastated, there is only one person left who Kat trusts.

Kendall is sure she has it all. But underneath her tough exterior she hides a vulnerability – she is helplessly struggling with an unrequited love. But when Kendall’s need for success consumes her, she won’t let anyone stand in her way. 

Ava is an innocent, plucked from obscurity and thrown into the deep-end of the glamorous world of fame. When she is pitted against Kendall, the world watches closely, wondering who will survive.

As these three women try to navigate a backstabbing world of infamy, desire and fortune, will they be tempted to betray the people they hold dearest?

Friends and Rivals was not what I was expecting at all but it was a great surprise I really enjoyed this book. What I loved the most is how different each of the characters were and how well they were developed considering how big a part each character played in the book. Usually when there is a big cast of characters in a book there always seems to be one or two characters who outshines everyone else but this isn’t the case in this book I really felt as though I got to know each and every character in this book. There is a different character for everyone but combined together they complement the book by bringing you a little of each personality to this action packed, tense storyline.

The storyline is very much based around fame and fortune and the music industry but with the added bonus of many relationships and friendships with spanners in the works. All the way through this book I was never quite sure what was going to happen on the next chapter and there was no way of predicting who would end up with who as there is so much betrayal and rivalry between numerous amount of characters.

My favourite two characters had to be Jack and Catriona they had a more gentler and down to earth feel to them and I was hoping all the way through that they would finally get together to nurse each other’s broken hearts but in fiction books you never know how the relationships will end up!

The author is a little gem and gives us a perfect ending to the book by tying up all the loose ends to the storyline rather than leaving us on a cliff hanger but you just have to read this book to see if the outcomes are what you were expecting!

Looking for an intense read full of rivalry and betrayal, glamour and romance then look no further!

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Girl You Left Behind

I read my first Jojo Moyes book back in January and it blew me away. Me Before You is easily my best read of 2012 so far so when I heard that Moyes was releasing another book I couldn’t wait to dive into her writing world again so imagine my joy when I received an early review copy, needless to say it didn’t sit on the side awaiting my attention!

The cover of this book is a similar style to her previous book and I love both of the covers they are definitely something that would catch my eye in the book shop.

The first part of the book made for quite a compelling read for me we meet Sophie who is living in France in 1916 but their little village has just been overtaken by the Germans and without her husband Edouard around Sophie is forced to prepare food for the Germans in Le Coq Rouge much to her dislike. Edouard is away at war and Sophie has not had any correspondence from her husband for sometime so when the Kommandant shows a soft spot for her and a great interest in the painting of Sophie that her husband painted of her that hangs on the wall so she wonders if she can use him to try and attempt to get her husband out of danger.

The second part of the book is when we meet our other heroine Liv this time we have jumped to 2006 and we see a reappearance of the painting of Sophie. The painting now belongs to Liv and was a gift from her husband David who has passed away. Liv is heartbroken and struggling financially then to top it all off she now has a court case over her head when it arises that the painting may have been illegally looted and so Liv stands to lose yet another thing close to her heart.

I fell quickly into the storyline from the start of this book. It is easy to warm to each of the characters especially Sophie whose emotions shine through in this book. It is apparent early on that she would do anything to try and get her husband home but you cannot predict the lengths she would be willing to go through to make that happen. She seems like such a strong and feisty character when we first meet her not taking the Germans actions and requests lying down but as the story moves along and she interacts more with the Kommandant  we start to see a softer more vulnerable side to her which only makes us warm to her the more.

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the second part of the book as much as the first I felt like this part was a little to drawn out and at times my interest started to waver that is until we have small snippets of Sophie creep up again. I didn’t warm to Liv as much as Sophie but we all usually favour a character in a book and for this book it has to be Sophie who is my favourite heroine. Although I enjoyed this book and it is a very touching and interesting storyline, I can safely say my tissues are still in place!

This is yet another beautifully written compelling read from Jojo Moyes and after reading The Girl You Left behind I am still a firm fan but this has not knocked Me Before You off the top spot.

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Summer Kisses by Sarah Morgan

I absolutely loved the cover of Summer Kisses, I am a fool for bright covers with that added helping of glitter, so I had to pick this one up. I didn’t realise until I got home that it is actually a Mills and Boon book and I was a little worried as my nan used to read their books and our taste in books are worlds apart!

This summer the sun has gone to everyone's heads...Flora and Jenna should be working busy shifts but something more fun has come up!
Two new arrivals have blown into Glenmore and life at the hospital could get tricky.

So it's time to set some rules. Flora's summer is simple: Avoid kissing Connor MacNeil. (He may be gorgeous, back in town and single...but he snogged everyone except you at school, remember!)

Jenna's summer 'Why I shouldn't fall in love with Dr Ryan McKinley' list is a little more complex...? I've been divorced less than a year ? I'm ordinary and he is a sex god ? I have my daughter to think of ? He might break my heart...It'-s so difficult to be good with temptation on the doorstep. But rules are rules. Summer is sunshine. And, just maybe, a wish is a kiss that might just come true! 

Worry over I actually really enjoyed this book!

I was a little surprised with the set up of this book as it was actually two stories in one. I was really enjoying the first story and I found I was really warming to the characters and then suddenly it started to feel as though it was ending, how could this be when I am only half way through the book? That is because story two then started which is set in the same place as part one, with many of the same characters we met in the first story but just with different lead characters.

I much preferred the first story it felt fresh and inviting but I found the second book too similar to the first both had similar events that occurred so I would have much rather read a bit more of Flora’s story.

I am sure anyone who loves books by Cathy Woodman and Lucy Dillon would love this book as Sarah Morgan has a similar writing style to these authors. Although I wouldn’t class this book as chick lit the romance that is created between the characters are very similar to the romance element in chick lit.

If you are looking for a quick and easy read then this is one to pop in your bag for a relaxing day at the beach.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Last Telegram by Liz Trenlow

When The Last Telegram landed in my post box I have to say I was a little nervous about reading and reviewing this one as it is not the type of book I would pick up if I was looking to buy a book but I decided to give it a try.

The war changed everything for Lily Verner.

As the Nazis storm Europe, Lily becomes an apprentice at her family’s silk weaving factory. When they start to weave parachute silk there is no margin for error: one tiny fault could result in certain death for Allied soldiers.

The war also brings Stefan to Lily: a German Jewish refugee who works on the looms. As their love grows, there are suspicions someone is tampering with the silk.

Can their love survive the hardships of war? And will the Verner’s silk stand the ultimate test?

When I began reading this book I really struggled. I had a few people ask how I was finding it and I said I was going to give it another chapter or two to try and draw me into the storyline if not I would have to stop which I hate doing, I do not like to not finish a book I have started.

The book started off very slow and the characters took along time to engage with. It was around chapter seven or eight that I found the book was starting to flow easier and started to spark my interest and so I decided to carry on.

The story is based around World War II and the weaving factory both of which I found very informative in this book more so for me the weaving mill as I had no previous knowledge of the works of a weaving mill and it is quite clear that the author has taken a lot of detailed research around this topic and this is shown greatly in this book.

The group of traditional and realistic characters in this book create a great cast and it felt as though you were there with the characters experiencing the emotions they were going through. The author manages to weave a touching romance story into the storyline between Lucy and Stefan which is frowned upon by others but the two will not let anyone come between their true feelings for each other.

There is a heart wrenching part of the story towards the end of the book when you realise that Lily has kept a secret that is breaking her heart thinking that an error of hers has caused her own misfortune.

I am glad that I perserveered with this book as I found that after the slow start there was a unique and compelling storyline, because this is not the style of book I am used to I wonder if this is the reason I found it took a long time to get into either way I would still recommend this book.

I have struggled for the first time since I have had this blog to give a star rating for this book the slow start nearly stopped me from reading on but yet I still enjoyed the last part of the book, which had the story been this way from start to finish it would easily have been a 4 star so I am going to give this a 3 star. This is a great price on kindle at only 99p

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

I have been experimenting with different genres recently and have come across some surprising good reads and some reads that really are not my cup of tea, we all seem to have our comfortable genre and I think it keeps reading fresh to experience different genres. I went back to my youth and decided to try a YA book as when I was growing up reading was not a hobby of mine so I feel as though I missed out a little so I have just finished Dash& Lily’s Book Of Dares.

I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.

Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favourite bookstore shelf, waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares. But is Dash that right guy? Or are Dash and Lily only destined to trade dares, dreams, and desires in the notebook they pass back and forth at locations across New York? Could their in-person selves possibly connect as well as their notebook versions? Or will they be a comic mismatch of disastrous proportions? 

This is the first book I have read written by two authors, I have always avoided these kind of books as I always had a feeling that the storyline wasn’t going to flow very well but I was proven wrong in this book. The book has so many positive things to mention and I don’t seem to be able to find a negative to go along side which surely has to be a good thing!

I love books which are set around Christmas time so already I was hooked! The book opens in the Strand, New York, which is an idyllic setting and introduces us to a great storyline beginning with a book trail between our two main characters Dash and Lily and what a great idea this was. After reading this book you can't help looking for a red notebook as you peruse the bookshelves longing for your own romantic trail!

We get to know both Dash and Lily in great detail as the book alternates between the two characters points of views, we see the two characters growing up through the book and starting to find themselves and Lily in particular trying out things teenagers go through only to realise you don’t need to follow sheep you need to be your own person.

Dash felt like the cool kid out of the two and he had a very dashing way about him, he was very intelligent but very slick with it which made for a great character. I definitely feel that by having both a male and a female author gave the characters and edge as both characters were fully developed and too an equal role in the book compared to many books where the one sex character takes the lead as the author can relate to the character more.

There were funny moments in this book when they were placing the notebook in various places that they knew each other may not be comfortable with. I would definitely recommend this book to any YA fans or for anyone who fancies putting their hand to a new genre. This gets a thumbs up from me an enjoyable read one I couldn’t put down.

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Sophie's Turn Relaunch

For thoughs who have followed my book reviews from the beginning of my blogging days you will remember I read and reviewed Sophie's Turn by Nicky Wells well I am glad to say that the book has been relaunched and has had a little tweak!

I love the look of the cover of this book since it has had a "face lift" and I think it is the ideal cover for this book. Is it wrong that it makes me think of chocolate!

Slapper, Slut, Adulteress. This is hardly the words that Sophie Penhalligan would normally use to describe herself. Yet this is exactly how she is behaving, all things considered, even if she isn’t quite married to Tim yet. Aged nineteen, she travelled halfway across the country to honour an invitation by her favourite rock band, Tusck, to join them for the last gig of their tour. And now her past is coming to tempt her... how could Tim ever stand a chance against Dan, the charming, handsome lead singer?

Sophie now twenty-eight and a budding newspaper journalist, is happily embroiled in a relationship with Tim, her boyfriend of two years. Until recently, she was confident that Tim would eventually propose- probably as soon as he could get his act together. But just as Tim’s persistent inaction is beginning to a cast a cloud over their relationship, Dan’s sudden reappearance turn’s Sophie’s world upside down. Thus unfolds a roller-coaster of events including an ill-fated trip to Paris with Tim, a night of unfulfilled romance with Dan, Sophie and Tim’s engagement party gate-crashed by Dan, and Sophie’s professional secondment to accompany Dan’s band on their rival tour- at Dan’s special request and very much against her will. And then one fine day in Paris, Sophie suddenly finds herself engaged to Dan while her erstwhile fiancĂ© Tim is ... well, doing whatever it is Tim does back in London. What is she to do now? Who wouldn’t give anything to meet their favourite star, let alone marry him? Find out how Sophie gets into this impossible situation, and how she turns it around in Sophie’s Turn.

My Opinion

When I first started to read this on my kindle I was a little apprehensive as when we meet Sophie at the beginning of this book we don’t really know anything about her other than she is a cheat. I am not a fan of people who have affairs and I can never take to characters in stories who are having affairs. I am glad I persevered with this novel though as when we read on and get to know more about Sophie’s character I can see why it happened and I actually felt sorry for her as she seemed trapped and confused about what she really wants.

The novel flows at a comfortable pace without having any dull or low points where you usually feel like skimming the pages. I love the way this novel finishes it is not predictable and doesn’t finish like normal chick lit books which I think gives this novel an edge on similar books. I found the storyline felt very realistic and the characters are developed so well we feel as if we really know each character.

I had to contact the author as I was a little spooked at one point in the book as something that happens to Sophie, happened to me which was very strange to read and made the book feel more realistic to me. I would definitely recommend this book. I feel as though Nicky has a style of writing which makes it easy to read and also using more realistic scenarios which makes the books easier to relate to and enjoy.

There were also some lovely humorous touches in this novel which were not predictable which just adds to the books great feel.

We are lucky enough to have Nicky Wells on the blog today to for a chat and a cuppa !

Hi Rea! Thanks for hosting me once again on your wonderful blog… this time for the official launch of Sophie’s Turn! I’m very excited to be back.

The characters in your book felt very down to earth and easy to connect to, when writing do you base your characters on the personalities on people you know?

That’s such wonderful feedback, thank you! I was certainly trying very hard to make them down-to-earth, likeable and credible… especially Sophie, who walks on a knife’s edge of being unlikeable and flighty at times.  She isn’t though; she’s actually finding the whole double engagement situation really difficult, emotionally! And it was my job to bring that across.

The obvious disclaimer here that Sophie’s Turn is a work of fiction and not based on any real persons, living or dead. (Sorry—I have to say that!).  That said, the characters all have a lot of ‘me’ in them because I am obviously able to share ‘me’ without fearing libel!  What do I mean by that?  Well, Dan is my idea of the perfect man… and better than that, the perfect rock hero!  So in coming up with Dan’s profile, I considered all the rock singers that I know of (oh how I wish I could delete the ‘of’ in this sentence!) and amalgamated all their best traits.  Then I also included a few hypothetical ‘must have’ traits in a man—for example, to accurately assess a woman’s dress size visually and buy a perfectly fitting dress without her having to try it on!  I’ve never yet met a man who can pull that off but wouldn’t it be great?

In creating Tim, I did the exact opposite.  Sounds a bit stark, doesn’t it?  And actually it’s not quite as bleak as that, because obviously Tim has to have quite a lot of good features too—otherwise why would Sophie be with him at all? 

And Sophie… well, there is a lot of ‘me’ in Sophie.  This book is, after all, my attempt at creating my most perfect fairy tale ever, and part of me wanted to be the heroine.  Well, if I can’t have the rock star life style, I’ll have to live it vicariously through my writing… J

Do you have plans for a sequel for Sophie's Turn and if so what can we expect for the new novel?

The sequel is all written and about to undergo a first round of editing. Called Sophie’s Run, it’ll be coming your way from Sapphire Star Publishing on 7 February 2013!

What can you expect… Let me see.  Dan, Sophie and Rachel will continue to feature, and Tim will make a brief (and somewhat harrowing) guest appearance that will have Dan extremely annoyed.  There will be further developments in Sophie’s love life that I can’t anticipate here because it will spoil the fun for folks who haven’t finished reading Sophie’s Turn yet.  And Rachel will have a big role to play—much bigger than in the first book.  But it won’t always be an easy or pleasant task!  At the moment, expect at least one wedding and several trips.  But who’s getting married to whom… and who’s travelling with whom… well, you’ll just have to wait and see.  It’s not that long now...

What was the last book you read?

SOB! I’m a voracious reader by nature, but just lately, reading for pleasure has taken a bit of a back seat. With a book coming out, the next one in the early stages of editing, and the third one being written, not forgetting two young children in the house, I’ve suddenly found my reading time all but vanished. I manage a few pages here or there at night but…

Let me tell you about one of my favourite books, Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden.  I found it quite hard to get into at first because while the opening intrigued me, I got a bit frustrated hopping between three narratives initially.  When they started to connect, things got easier and then I got totally absorbed in the plot.  The source of Rose’s scars TOTALLY freaked me out (gave me nightmares in fact) and the reason why Nell was alone on that ship made me cry.  It was a really good read and I thoroughly recommend it.

If you were stuck on a desert Island what would be your two must have items?

My Kindle—with all the books on one could ever read!  And a solar panel with some sort of battery contraption—so that I can charge my Kindle.

Quick fire questions now for you Nicky!

Sweet or Savoury?  Savoury
Paperback or Kindle?  Oh must I choose? Kindle, then.
Hunk or Gentleman?  Hunk
Cosy Night In or Night on the Tiles?  Cosy Night In
Relaxing holiday or Action Packed Holiday?  Relaxing holiday

Thanks again, Rea! I’ve really enjoyed your questions...

About Nicky Wells: Romance that Rocks Your World!

Rock On! Nicky Wells writes fun and glamorous contemporary romance featuring a rock star and the girl next door.  She recently signed her work with U.S. publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing.  Nicky loves rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters.  When she’s not writing, Nicky is a wife, mother, and occasional teaching assistant.

Originally born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993, and currently lives in Lincoln with her husband and their two boys.  In a previous professional life, Nicky worked as a researcher and project manager for an international Human Resources research firm based in London and Washington, D.C.

Visit Nicky on her blog where you can find articles, interviews, radio interviews and, of course, an ongoing update on her work in progress, the second and third parts of the Rock Star Romance Trilogy.  You can also follow Nicky on Twitter and find her on Facebook.  Nicky is a featured author on the innovative reader/author project, and has joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association. Nicky also has author pages at Sapphire Star Publishing and, of course, Goodreads.


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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel

A world in which you can talk to your loved ones after they've gone 
About the trivial things you used to share 
About the things you wish you'd said while you still had the chance
About how hard it is to adjust to life without them. 

When Sam Elling invents a computer programme that enables his girlfriend Meredith to do just this, nothing can prepare them for the success and the complications that follow. For every person who wants to say goodbye, there is someone else who can't let go. And when tragedy strikes, they have to find out whether goodbye has to be for ever. Or whether love can take on a life of its own... 

When I was sent Goodbye for Now to review I had mixed emotions after reading the synopsis and this is why I have copied the synopsis from the book for this review instead of writing my own plot summery. The first part really appealed to me as it was something I could relate to as I am sure most of you can, that heartbreaking point of losing a loved one and trying to carry on with life without them.
The second part of the synopsis had me a little worried and yet intrigued as Sam Elling manages to invent a computer programme which enables us to still communicate with our loved ones.

I am not great with computers and it is not a great interest of mine and so I was a little hesitant to read this book as it has taken such a delicate subject and mixed it with technology, I was unsure if this was going to make for a great read.

There were some very emotional points in this book, understandably with the programme used to speak to loved ones who have passed.

The book flows at a gentle pace and really gets you thinking about the concept of the software as with the way technology is coming on leaps and bounds this could be something which occurs a few years down the line.

What makes this book a great read is not so much the characters as I didn't love or dislike any of them but the unique storyline as I have never come accross a similar storyline to this and so you are drawn to the storyline from start to finish.

Although the focus is communicating with the dead the book didn't feel morbid, there were sad and emotional moments but there was also a new romance which blossoms between Sam and Meredith which broke this up and brought some light to the book.

Laurie Frankel has managed to bring us a love story wrapped with heartache and grief in this unique read which I am sure will touch a lot of readers hearts. This is definitely a love or hate book lucky for me I loved it.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Misfortune Cookie by Michele Gorman

Would you move 6,000 miles to be with the love of your life? Hannah did. Unfortunately her plan isn't going terribly well. What was supposed to be a move to Hong Kong to start a wonderful new life with Sam is turning into a move to Hong Kong to spend occasional weekends with Sam, when he can get away from an unanticipated work assignment on the opposite side of the South China Sea. Still, she's optimistic, if woefully unprepared for the intricacies of Hong Kong. Stumbling through the alien city, which she loves, she starts to build a life for herself. Things definitely look up when she finds a great boss to work for, and her best friend Stacy moves to the city too. But alarm bells ring as Sam seems to be getting a bit too cozy with his boss. And when things start going wrong at work, Hannah can't help but wonder if she's made the biggest mistake of her life. 

Having just finished Misfortune Cookie I have a great urge to book a trip to Hong Kong as the writer’s descriptive writing pulls you in and makes you feel as if you are walking around seeing the sights with the characters.

There was some great humour in this book especially surround language translation my favourite which comes to mind is translation of numbers which results in a very funny and yet very rude comment! 

As quick as I warmed to the main character Hannah is as quick as I took to loathing her boyfriend Sam, he got my back up from the moment I met him in this book, after his girlfriend has moved 6000 miles to be with him and yet he doesn’t even let her live with him or have the decency to stay in the country! Hannah was a great character although I was a little shocked at how easy it came to her to up sticks and move across the country to be with her boyfriend but then this is what happens in fiction and that’s why I love it so much as it is so extreme and different from my life. 

One thing I didn’t realise is this book is a carry on from the authors first book Single In The City but I still enjoyed this book I just feel maybe the characters would have felt a little more developed if I had read the first book. I enjoyed the authors writing style and I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September Releases

The months are just flying by, I have got your favourite post ready for you with the months releases.

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