Saturday, 3 November 2012

A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson

Milly Johnson is a new author to me, a friend of mine sent me White Wedding to read earlier in the year and just loved it so I couldn’t wait to read another book by Milly so you can understand my delight when I found out she was releasing a Christmas themed book.

Having never been a fan of Christmas especially after her fiancĂ© was killed in action on Christmas day imagine the thoughts that were going through Eve’s head when she is left a Christmas themed theme park in her late aunts will!

The added mystery to Eve is that she has inherited the theme park along with a mysterious man whom she had never heard of, Jacques Glace. The last thing Eve wants is to be working alongside someone else let alone with anything to do with Christmas but never one to give up easily Eve is determined to get the theme park up and running her way and hoping to lose the mysterious Jacques in the process.

Wow, Wow, Wow. This was just spine tingly good! I am a huge fan of Christmas and I do love it when I pick up a book with a festive cover and actually get a festive feeling whilst reading, but this book gives you more than a little festive feeling. The author manages to describe a perfect Winter wonderland which manages to transport you into the setting so you really feel as though you are there watching each little detail of the theme park appear if there really was a place like Milly has created in her book here in the UK I would be on my way there now!

Rather than this book being a tale of a traditional Christmas this book instead creates the more magical and surreal side of Christmas which manages to bring out the child in each reader.

Once again the author creates a wonderful cast of characters some who have returned from the pages of White Wedding but please don’t feel that you can’t read this one without having first read White Wedding as this can easily be read as a standalone book as the characters who are from White Wedding are supporting characters in this book but having said that I would still head out and by both as they are both fantastic reads.

Eve has many sides to her character the true side to her we get to see and love and then there also is the cold and frosty side she saves for Jacques but seen as I am ever the romantic I was convinced it was a love hate relationship as both Eve and Jacques are truly lovely and warm characters I couldn’t see a negative side to them.

Milly Johnson is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and she has won my heart with this book. This easily has to be one of my favourite ever Christmas reads.

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  1. I love this book so much! Because of the reasons you said. :) Hopefully get my review up soon(tm).