Tuesday, 11 December 2012

All That Mullarkey by Sue Moorcroft

Sue Moorcroft is an author I have heard such great things about. Having been keeping an eye on some of her book reviews recently I decided to take the plunge and purchased All That Mullarkey for my new Kindle Fire I couldn't wait to try a book by this author to see if she was going to become one of my must have authors!

Revenge and love: it’s a thin line … The writing’s on the wall for Cleo and Gav. The bedroom wall, to be precise. And it says ‘This marriage is over.’

Wounded and furious, Cleo embarks on a night out with the girls, which turns into a glorious one night stand with… Justin, centrefold material and irrepressibly irresponsible. He loves a little wildness in a woman – and he’s in the right place at the right time to enjoy Cleo’s. But it’s Cleo who has to pick up the pieces – of a marriage based on a lie and the lasting repercussions of that night. Torn between laid-back Justin and control freak Gav, she’s a free spirit that life is trying to tie down. But the rewards are worth it!

Wow what a tense and unexpected start to a book! I took an instant dislike over the controlling Gav from the moment his marker pen touched that wall! I was urging Cleo to go and enjoy herself thinking she would sit there and wallow over this nasty message she had been left, but surprising she did go out and ummm, enjoyed herself a little more than I was thinking!

I loved Cleo's character although I couldn't relate to her (thankfully!) she does do things that I wouldn't do and things I couldn't understand like not running for the morning after pill HELLO!! That aside I still had to keep turning the pages to see what hole this woman was going to dig herself into next.

I loved Justin he was our hunk of the story I thought on first meeting he was going to be a Jack the Lad but he was my favourite character in the end. I did find the horrible story surrounding him a little predictable although there was a mysterious who did it scenario I did feel it was quite obvious but that could just be my Cluedo skills coming out!

I loved the authors writing style and the way she set the book in to two parts the first part had that tense Oh My God what is going to happen next feel to it where as the second part felt a little cosier as we see Cleo's life changing direction and her love for her child blossom.

I will be browsing through Sue Moorcrofts other books after reading this book it had me hooked.

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  1. Thank you for a lovely review! I hope you do read and enjoy some of the others.