Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Best Christmas Book 2012

This has got to be my best year yet for Christmas books!
So often when it comes to November and the festive covers hit the shelves it is hard to control my excitement and then inside is usually a lovely story but with no mention of Christmas.

This Year festivity has been flowing through all these wonderful books but now I have a problem...... How to pick the winning book !

It was so hard this year so much so this post was meant to be up 2 weeks ago but I couldn't decide between my final two.

I enjoyed all of the Christmas books this year but there were two that really stood out to me and they are 

With Love at Christmas by Carole Matthews
 A Winter Flame by Molly Johnson 

Both of these books are fantastically festive. Carole' s had a very warm cosycosy traditional Christmas feel to it and it was great to meet with the family again. Milly's had a very magical and exciting feel to it which brought the child out in me ! 

I have finally decided that the winning Christmas Book 2012 is ....

With Love at Christmas by Carole Matthews

Congratulations to Carole and if you haven't got your copy yet go and treat yourself or be sure to add it to your lilist to Santa ! I did say that I would be giving away a copy of the winning book but as it is Christmas I am going to be giving away a Christmas Book bundle to help get you in the festive mood! 

Because of the weight of the package this will be a UK giveaway only this time.

To be in with a chance of winning this book bundle enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to all the authors and Publishers who sent me a copy of their books to review.


  1. Thanks, Rea. That's very kind. Glad you enjoyed it! C : ) xx

  2. Oh wow, what a great and generous giveaway Rea. That would definately put some festive spirit into you after reading them back to back. Question is which one would you start with.

  3. I love Carole Matthews - great prize - thanks!

  4. UK only, again :( I'm looking forward to win international giveaway :)

    1. ssorry Amelie because it is three books the weight is heavy so will cost a lot to send over here I would not be able to afford to send over seas. I will have singular books in the new year for international giveaways :-) x

  5. These books sound good. I have just finished Amanda Egan's Christmas Deliverance , it was a lovely story.

  6. My favourite christmas book as been twelves days of christmas by trisha ashley.what a brilliant giveaway

  7. The only one I have read so far is Winter Wonderland by Belinda Jones and I did enjoy it. I usually leave reading all the Christmas books until I've finished all my present buying and wrapping then have a major reading session.

  8. I've read A Winter Flame but not With Love At Christmas. Wish I had now though but my reading pile can't take anymore!

  9. Reading With Love at Christmas at the moment. This will make a nice early Christmas gift for a lucky reader :)

  10. night before christmas its a great story to read to kids

  11. Whooop! Huge congratulations to Carole ~ can't wait to get reading, it's on my Kindle waiting for me just as soon as the kids finish school and the mania finishes...

    Meanwhile, I'm here to bestow a little star to the lovely Rea! I adore your blog and the community you have going here and you are totally one of my favourite blogspots. Come and collect your award from my blog from today: http://wp.me/p1HzVM-NZ

    You don't have to accept this award ~ I know it's a busy time of year ~ but it's not a lot of work if you choose to, and rather a lot of glittery fun. Happy Xmas!!