Tuesday, 4 June 2013

June Releases.

I can not believe it is June already, half way through the year! So another month means another list of new releases. Which one's will you all be picking up?

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Fiona Walker - The Summer Wedding. I will be picking this one up, with my Wedding now booked I can not seem to get enough of books about the big day so this one will be on my list.

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Me and Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond. This is another one that I can not wait for I am a huge Lucy Diamond fan so this is an easy choice for me.

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Love and Sleepless Nights by Nick Spalding. I have just finished this book and it is fab. If you enjoyed the first book then this is a great sequel so well worth picking up.

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Save The Date by Allie Spencer. Each year I look forward to this authors new release and I love each one. Allie Spencer is definitely one of those authors who I do not feel gets the recognition for her work that she deserves, each of her books are as stunning as her front covers so it is a no brainer this will be on my TBR pile!

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He's the One by Katie Price. Time and time again I hear that people will not pick these books up because they are not a fan of Katie, I hold my hands up and say she is not my best of friend but last year I thoroughly enjoyed her book and so I am looking forward to reading this one to see if it can compete with last years, Give it a go!

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Things we Never Say by Sheila O'flanagan. I have not read a book by this author in such a long time but I have been lucky enough to be sent a copy for review so I am looking forward to trying out her books again.

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Two For Joy by Helen Chandler. I have finished this one, this is the authors first novel and what a great start, my review for this book will be up this week.

So these are my picks for the month, don't forget to stop by and tell us which one's you have picked up as there are alwasy So Many Books, So Little Time! so I can't recommend them all. xXx

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  1. Can't help but be put off by Katie's books.. though I imagine they're all ghostwritten?