Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Best Christmas 2013 Winner!

After weeks of reading all of the sparkly festive reads that have been released this year it is
 time to select the winning Christmas Book of 2013.

I have read some fantastic books this year and it has been hard to pick a winner.
What I was looking for in our winning book was a festive cover, a festive storyline,
and a story line to remember.

Congratulations Carole Matthews
Calling Mrs Christmas
Is The Best Christmas book of 2013!

Calling Mrs Christmas was the first festive read I read this year and yet even now the storyline is do fresh in my mind that I can still remember it as though I read it yesterday.
The cover of this book is stunning and is definitely one that would catch your eye on the shelf.
One thing I find at this time of year is that there are so many beautiful festive covers but there is barely a mention of Christmas in the actual book, and so this is another reason why Calling Mrs Christmas had to be a winner for me as it is ozzing with festivity!

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