Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Emma Hannigan Chocolate Christmas Tree and Giveaway.

Today on the blog we have Emma Hannigan who is going to tell us come to make a Chocolate Christmas tree yummmmmmy!!

Chocolate Christmas Tree!


110g butter
335g good quality chocolate
3 tablespoons golden syrup
225g broken rich tea biscuits (crushed small)
2 packs of 2 finger Twix bars (chopped)
1 pack of Munchies
3 Crunchie bars (bashed in their wrappers with a rolling pin)
Extra chocolate for drizzling over the top & sticking the tree together


1.   Prepare your shapes first of all, as the chocolate biscuit mixture sets rapidly! Using 6 separate pieces of baking parchment paper, draw 6 crosses in decreasing size – the largest should be approx. 16 inches then 12, then 8 etc.
2. Melt the butter, golden syrup and chocolate, taking care not to burn. Stir to combine. Don’t fret if it looks slightly curdled.
3. Break the biscuits into small pieces – but not as fine as breadcrumbs. This can be done by whizzing in a food processor or for the more therapeutic method, bash satisfyingly with a rolling pin!
4. Chop the Twix bars into pieces approx. ½ inch in width.
5. Using that therapeutic rolling pin method assault the Crunchie bars (with closed wrappers) until they look very sorry.
6. Mix all the chopped, bashed and assaulted ingredients into the chocolaty goo!
7. Once it’s all well combined, spoon some mixture onto each of the crosses and smooth it down so each one is nice and chunky.
8. Leave in a fridge to set for at least an hour.
9. Melt more chocolate and drizzle generously over the top of each cross shape.
10.Place the 16 inch cross on the serving plate and add some melted chocolate to the top centre.
11.Stack the 12 inch cross on top and so on until all the shapes are stuck together. Remember to rotate each cross so the arms are not directly above one another. This way it will look like a Christmas tree!
12.For a snowy effect, dredge the finished tree with icing sugar!

Wow I will definitely be giving this a try although I am not sure I will be sharing my tree!
Don't forget to check out Emma's new release Driving Home For Christmas

As an extra treat we also have a UK and Ireland Bumper Giveaway too thanks to the lovely little elves at Headline.

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  1. ohhh tricky one - not really . I'm a bookaholic so might just have to keep - and then blog about them

  2. If I won the books I would gift them to family and friends who love to read.xx

  3. I am reading 'Driving Home for Christmas' as we speak (all good so far), LOVE David Beckham and love baking...so this is the perfect package!

  4. I would give the books to family who like to read x

  5. Well I'm definitely giving them to a friend:) Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway hun. Love ya loads XX

  6. I would gift the David beckham to my mum, gift the Emma Hannigan book to a friend keep the proposal and Mary berry books xx

  7. Love the Chocolate Christmas tree =)

  8. i would probably read them and then loan them out :)

  9. I would gift the David Beckham and Tasmina Perry books, keep the Mary Berry and read the Emma Hanngian before sharing.

  10. I would keep the books on my bookcase, to keep them in good as new condition all the time. I have 3 youngsters, 2 boys 23 & 15 and a daughter 21 with her own 1 year old daughter......the books would be there for us all to enjoy.
    Thank you for the chance of the give-away xxxxx

  11. If I won them I would read them and then pass them on, you can't keep a good book to yourself

  12. Would keep the fiction books for myself, give the David Beckham book to son & Mary Berry book to my mum