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Make My Wish Come True by Fiona Harper

The perfect Christmas swap? All Juliet, frazzled single mum and Yuletide domestic goddess, wants for Christmas is a joyful family celebration (even if she does have to wrestle with last-minute angel costume making and mad shopping centre dashes). All her single sister Gemma, an assistant director, wants is a Christmas in the sizzling Caribbean sun, away from diva actors and Hollywood tantrums. Until a sisterly squabble prompts new plans: a Christmas swap. Gemma will spend a cosy, snowy Christmas with her nieces and nephews - not to mention Juliet's gorgeous neighbour Will - whilst Juliet takes Gemma's tropical holiday and unplanned adventures. It's not the Christmas they expected, but it could be about to make all their wishes come true...

This is my first book by Fiona Harper. I love to try new authors and what a perfect book to start with, a Christmas themed book.

The storyline follows two sisters, Juliet and Gemma. They both live very different lives, Juliet is a mother of four who has split from her husband and is struggling with day to day life and trying to plan another perfect Christmas for everyone, everything about Juliet’s life needs to be organised an perfect.

Gemma is foot loose and fancy free. She works on film sets and is not looking forward to the prospect of Christmas with her perfect sister so she books a 5* holiday instead. In a twist of events Juliet is soon jetting off on the 5* holiday whilst her sister is taking over the Christmas preparations and looking after the children.

This is a lovely light read and yet it is really thought provoking. The sisters have a very strained relationship because of the way the perceive each other. Because the chapters alternate between each of the characters points of view not only do we get to know each of the characters really well but we also get to see what they think and feel of each other which lets us form an unbiased opinion and this made me want to knock the girls heads together and say “talk it out” !

I loved both of the sisters and I think each reader will find they will relate to either one or the other sisters, for me I related more to Gemma. One thing that I couldn’t get past in this book is that although I know this is a fiction book and I get that Juliet needed some time out for herself but I can’t believe that any mother would leave her kids and go on holiday especially over Christmas that is meant to be a family time.

My favourite character was neither one of the sisters but the delightful neighbour Will! If he was wrapped up in a bow he sounds like he would be every woman’s perfect gift! I loved the twist with Will it really kept me guessing. Often with Christmas books they don’t seem very festive but with this book thanks to Gemma’s preparations in the lead up to Christmas and also Christmas day itself we had a lovely festive feel to the storyline. The resort where Juliet stays sounded out of this world thanks to the authors fabulous descriptive writing.

I enjoyed this book it was fun and festive and made you think that how you view others may not be quite as things seem. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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