Saturday, 22 March 2014

The First Last Kiss by Ali Harris

How do you hold on to a love that is slowly slipping away from you?

Can you let go of the past when you know what is in the future?

And how do you cope when you know that every kiss is a countdown to goodbye?

This is the story of a love affair, of Ryan and Molly and how they fell in love and were torn apart. The first time Molly kissed Ryan, she knew they'd be together forever. Six years and thousands of kisses later she's married to the man she loves. But today, when Ryan kisses her, Molly realises how many of them she wasted because the future holds something which neither of them could have ever predicted…

This was my first book by Ali Harris so I was excited about this one especially after hearing such good reviews about this book.

The story is very believable and highly emotive which makes this such a beautiful breath-taking read. It follows Molly and Ryan’s relationship from beginning to end, showing the exciting and romantic highs as well as the life changing and heart-breaking lows. It was clear from early on in the book that the couple were no longer together but we don’t know why or how it has come to an end and all the way through this book until close to the end I had two possible scenarios in my head so it was unpredictable thanks to the authors clever writing style that twist and turned keeping things a mystery.

Each and every one of the characters were so well developed they all felt so life like, and both Molly and Ryan felt as though they were friends of mine that I was reading about as it all just felt so real which I think is the reason why this was such a moving read.

I did find it took me quite some time to get used to the structure of this book as it continually jumped back and forth in time but once I got into the flow of the layout I soon become immersed in the storyline.

I can’t imagine how hard this book must have been to write because as a reader my mind can not switch off from both the characters and their story so I can only imagine that this was hard for the author to detach from them too, it must have been a hard book to send out into the world.

This is a breath taking read that well and truly deserves all the credit it has received. I loved every minute of it and I have been constantly recommending it to friends and family ever since. I can not wait to read another book by Ali Harris, I am off to give my other half a great big kiss that I will treasure forever.

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