Friday, 21 March 2014

The Right Side of Mr Wrong by Jane Linfoot


Brando is quite happy leading the single life but when his sister invites a TV crew into his home the show takes a turn and decides to find a wife for Brando which is something that is not on Brando's to do list!

Shea is a professional organiser and although she doesn't want a role as a wife she can't resist the opportunity to organise this great home so she applies halfheartedly just to show her friends that she has moved on from the events in her past but to her surprise she is picked!

This was a relatively short read that had a very fast pace so this is an ideal book to keep you company on a commute. I was instantly interested from the prologue of this book and so I was sure I was going to enjoy this but I did find after the prologue the first half of this book then seemed to lack a storyline it just felt like lots of flirting and sex which seemed to dominate the whole first half of the book, I was very tempted by 50% to stop reading as it didn't really seem to be going anywhere but just after half way through the storyline kicked in for me and the second half  was enjoyable, the characters seem to get some depth to them and I actually started to become interested in their personalities and their backgrounds.

There is a great deal of banter between Shea and Brando which I did enjoy and the authors writing also showed promise as there was a secret in Shea's past that the author managed to keep under wraps for a large part of the book which is always something I love in a book. Even after the problem for me with the first half I did enjoy the authors writing style in the second half so I would love to read another book by this author, preferably a full length novel to hopefully see this writing style the whole way through.

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