Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle

Matt is actually looking forward to turning thirty. His career, finances and love life are finally sorted. No more dodgy flats. No more overdrawn bank balances. And no more searching for the perfect woman. But on his thirtieth birthday his girlfriend makes a shocking confession. Unable to cope Matt moves back to his Mum and Dad's in Birmingham. Only his school mates can keep him sane. But can things ever be the same again? Because when you're turning thirty nothing's as simple as it used to be.

I have had Turning Thirty on my To Be Read pile for a while now, I had been putting off reading it because the reviewers I follow had said that they didn’t enjoy it and because I have similar taste to them I didn’t think I would enjoy it. But I couldn’t decide what book to read next so my partner picked this one out randomly for me so I sat down to give it a try only to then finish it in one night! It made a nice change for me not only to read a book by a male author but also for the main character to be male too.

Matt as the title suggests is turning thirty but Matt’s life, or more to the point, Matt’s love life is not what he thought it would be by the time he reached the grand old age of 30! After a break up with his recent girlfriend Matt decides to spend 3 months leading up to his birthday back at home in the UK and he plans to visit his old school friends to see how things have worked out for them.

This was a relatively quick read that was a light read that wasn’t challenging, easily one you could read on a commute to work as it is easy to pick up and put down without losing pace. The author has taken a subject that many of us can all relate to, the dreaded 3 oh count down! I am currently on the run up to my 30 so I could definitely relate to this character and it does make you question what you thought you would be doing or what you would have thought you would have achieved by the time you reach your thirtieth and I think because I could relate to it so much was why I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a depressing though for many and although Matt seemed rather depressed about it the author manages to show this but bring a lighter tone to the storyline with his wit.

I loved that I was proved wrong whilst reading this book, as the one thing that kept coming to my mind was how predictable the book was but actually what I thought was so predictably going to happen wasn’t actually the outcome so congratulations to Mike Gayle for pulling the wool over my eyes!

Although this wasn’t a mind blowing book that will stay in my mind for a long time it was still a very entertaining read and I would definitely recommend this book and it has left me wanting to try more books by this author.

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