Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Life You Left by Carmel Harrington


Beyond Grace's Rainbow has left a mark on me and so I couldn't wait to read another book by the same author and let me tell you Carmel Harrington really knows how to grab you hook line and sinker from the opening of this book! 

I don't want to give too much away with my description of this book as for once I didn't actually read the synopsis of this book as I was blown away by the authors previous book so I just wanted to dive in and I really enjoyed discovering things along the way especially with Edward! The storyline follows Sarah Lawlor and at the beginning of the book she receives an e-mail that changes her life her husband has decided he needs space and has left no details as to his whereabouts or his intentions. Finding herself alone to manage their three young children as well as the running of the house she could really do with some support. James who is Sarah's twin soon comes to the rescue and is there for her sister but unexpectedly another arrival from her childhood has returned but is Edward a welcome return? 

This is just a very small taste of what this book is actually about there is just so much going on in this book that there is something for everyone. The situation with Edward really intrigued me as it has always been a great interest to me so I couldn't wait for the chapters with him around. I loved that there was a crime/suspense feel in this book too it gives woman's fiction lovers a small taste of another genre without throwing you out of your comfort zone.

The raw emotion I felt whilst reading the authors debut novel was what really made me fall in love with that book because it was the first book that had actually moved me to tears but this is definitely where the authors strengths lay in emotional writing I don't think there will be a single person who will read this book without at least having a lump in their throat !

I loved the suspense that was created throughout this book, it helps to make this a real page turner. Sarah was a fantastic main character and all of the supporting characters all brought a little something different to the storyline and were developed really well.

Although Beyond Grace's Rainbow is still a firm favourite by this author The Life You Left is still an amazing second novel that I highly recommend and I can't wait for this authors next release!

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  1. I absolutely loved Beyond Grace's Rainbow, so can't wait to read this, especially after your fab review : ) x

    1. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy it Amanda, have you seen the new book trailer? xx