Monday, 1 September 2014

A Gift To Remember by Melissa Hill

Darcy Archer works in a small bookstore in Manhattan. A daydream believer, she refuses to settle for anything less than being swept off her feet by the perfect man… literally. One day, when cycling to work, Darcy accidentally crashes into a sharply dressed gentleman walking his dog. He is knocked out cold, rushed to hospital and the poor pup gets left behind. Wracked with guilt, Darcy takes the dog and makes plans to reunite him with owner, Aidan. As she discovers the mysterious stranger's world of books, travel, adventure and all the wonderful things she's ever dreamt about, Darcy builds a picture of this man and wonders if he could be THE ONE… But does fantasy match reality? What happens when Prince Charming wakes up? Will Aidan be the happy ever after she's always imagined?

When I read the synopsis of this book I was sure I was going to enjoy it as Darcy Archer also sounds like a book geek like me!

Darcy has my dream job and works in a bookshop in Manhattan. By day she is fingering the pages of her favourite world and by night she is dreaming of the handsome, perfect characters hoping hers will come along one day, never would she imagine that she would have her own fairytale and actually knock Mr Perfect out on her bike!

This was a really enjoyable read. I loved our main character Darcy Archer she was a very quirky soft natured woman who was easy to relate to. There was a light witty feel to this book too which I loved. As Darcy started her journey to try and help Aiden, who she knocked out with her bike try to get his memory back I was totally absorbed by her findings that I never see the twist coming and I do love a hidden twist in a book.

As much as I loved this book I did find around the halfway point my attention started to drift as the pace of the book seemed to slow and it seemed like nothing was really happening other than poor Darcy just darting around on her bike!  Luckily the storyline did pick back up and was well and truly recovered by the twist.

This is a beautifully written romance with a little twist of mystery and as usual the author has brought us characters who you can’t help but adore I just want to pull Darcy out the pages to be my friend! This is a nice light easy read that will have you flying through the pages to discover the mystery surrounding the lovely Aiden. I definitely recommend this as a perfect little holiday read.

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