Sunday, 31 August 2014

What a Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk

Being arrested in your own bedroom is never a good start to the day. Tess Brookes really needs to sort out her back-stabbing flatmate – and her life. Should she gamble all on the new photography job she’s landed, or snap up the offer from long-time crush and best friend Charlie to start up on their own – in more ways than one? There’s just one small thing she hasn’t mentioned. Or rather, one tall thing. He’s handsome, infuriating and called Nick… For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. From London to Milan, with high fashion and low behaviour thrown in, she’s going to have to make up her mind what a girl really wants…

I have read every single one of Lindsey Kelk’s book and have enjoyed them all so much I get so excited every time a new one is released and when I heard she was doing a follow on to About A Girl I knew I had to get my hands on a copy and quick!

Tess is back in England and has some decisions to make she is torn does she follow her dreams or take the sensible option in both her career and her love life, will she make the right decision? Either way her troublesome friend Amy will be with her along the way to help Tess and give her advice!

I loved reuniting with these characters what I always love with Kelks books is she always creates such fun and loveable supporting characters and I always prefer them to the main characters! Amy and Kekipi bring a touch of humour to this book and a bit of fun to Tess’s life! The book starts where About A Girl ended and it really does start in true Lindsey Kelk form and wit! I am still well and truly in team Nick but poor Tess still doesn’t seem to know who she wants to be with. What I love about Tess is she is such a flawed character trouble just seems to follow her, she gets into so many sticky situations without meaning to which I can relate to but maybe not quite in the extreme cases as Tess.

A lot of the book was set in Milan which was a gorgeous setting for this book and of course the author always has a skill in descriptive writing when it comes to glamorous locations. The book was fast paced and eventful so it is easy to devour in one sitting! I loved the ending to this book to, I couldn’t work out what way Tess was going to go so the author managed to keep us in suspense.

I really enjoyed this book and although it wasn’t as good as About A Girl it was still a fantastic follow on and I can see Lindsey Kelk writing another book in this series and I will definitely be in line to pick up a copy.

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