Friday, 19 September 2014

Beautiful Ever After by Katie Piper

Although I read so many books I very rarely read biographies but I couldn't resist reading Katie Piper's new book Beautiful Ever After not because of her callous attack but because of her story of bravery.

After reading this book I am full of admiration for this wonderful courageous woman she has really opened her heart and told us each raw emotion and it is impossible as the reader not to connect with her and feel for her but I have to say I didn't pity her I found her utterly inspiring, rather than sit away and give up on life Katie Piper has well and truly picked herself up and started to build an amazing fulfilling life but it is quite clear that a lot of this was thanks to her amazing support network from her family, close friends and her ray oh hope in her own new little family with James and Belle.

I was so shocked at some of the dating parts in this book, I can not believe how sick and cowardice some people can be and although it upset Katie I was seething and would have loved to have got my hands on them. Katie talks a lot about her charity and it shows how passionate she is about her work, it was an insight into what the chairty involves.

I loved how we got to see Katie find her confidence more in this book and progress with a natural life that she so longed for. I still found it hard that this amazing woman still is unable to see how beautiful she is not just inside but outside too and this is one of the reasons why those disgusting men should never be allowed out why should they have the chance of a nice new life when they will always hold a part of Katie's.

This book was written with pure heartfelt honesty and must have been very difficult to write but I am so glad that Katie did because this is a story of recovery, determination and hope and this little gem has found a light at the end of her tunnel with the best gift she can be given with Belle.

This is not a book you want to miss it is wonderfully written and a captivating read so I highly recommend this book.

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