Friday, 3 October 2014

The French for Christmas by Fiona Valpy

Evie used to LOVE Christmas, but this year she can’t wait for the tinsel and presents to be a distant memory. When her best friends offer the use of their cottage in the beautiful French countryside, Evie jumps at the chance. With her soon-to-be-ex-husband, celebrity chef Will Brooke, plastered over the news with his latest ‘love interest’, leaving the country seems like the perfect plan. Armed with her French grandmother’s tattered notebook of recipes, Evie is determined to ignore Christmas altogether and bake herself back to happiness. And when Evie meets her next-door neighbour – the très gorgeous doctor Didier she finds a very willing taste-tester. But is it possible that he could be interested in more than just her Tarte Tatin? With snow falling, a special Réveillon dinner and a little Christmas magic in the air, could Didier even be the one to thaw Evie’s heart? Or will a visit from the ghost of Christmas past change everything?

It's that time of year again when all the beautiful festive covers start gracing our shelves and so it was time for me to read my first festive read of the year so I opted for The French for Christmas by Fiona Valpy.

After a very trying time Evie can not bare to be around friends and family this Christmas she just wants solitude so she escapes to her friends vacant place in France.
Whilst Evie finds her joy on cooking again she finds a willing taste tester in her neighbour next door who is also trying to escape Christmas can these two help each other to get the festive spirit back?

This was a relatively quick read which I managed to read in one sitting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The storyline wasn't what I was expecting at all but I was so glad that there was a festive feel to the book as quite often you pick up a festive looking read only to have one little chapter about Christmas but this wasn't the case with this book. Our main character Evie was a little treasure who has had a heartbreaking time recently and I found myself routing for her hoping for a happy ending for her. 

I wouldn't be surprised if we were to see a follow up to this book and I for one would be in line waiting to get my hands on a copy as I loved the two main characters in this book and their background as well as their projects that they are now working on as well as an update on the surprise at the end. This was a great read with a lovely festive touch.

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