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It Must Have Been the Mistletoe by Judy Astley

Today it is my stop on the It Must Have Been the Mistletoe blog tour.
We are joined by the lovely Judy Astley to talk about her new 
book and all things festive!
We also have my review of this festive read and
also thanks to the lovely elves at Transworld we have a copy
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Hi Judy thank you for stopping by the blog today and congratulations on the release of another great read, I hope you plan to celebrate is style!

1) Your characters all come together in It Must Have Been The Mistletoe for a traditional family Christmas, how do you typically spend your Christmas Day?
A typical Christmas for us is often the entire family getting together on the day. That’s my husband, me, our daughters, the four grandchildren plus some or all of his three sisters, brother and their various partners and offspring and a couple of strays with nowhere else to be. I think our record was 27, all at our house. It takes a lot of furniture re-arranging and food preparation sharing-out but it works. Just! 

2) This book is set in the gorgeous setting of Cornwall which is where a number of your books are set, if you could travel to any country/city for research for a festive book where would you like to go?
I’d probably just stick with London. I hate it that Christmas starts too early in the shops but I do like the glitter and bustle of Christmas shop windows and the buzz of urgent shopping. I’d quite happily spend all of Christmas in Liberty’s. 

3) What time of year did you begin writing this book and how did you get yourself in the Christmas spirit?
I started planning it just before last Christmas and actually writing it in late January. It felt odd, getting into this kind of book just after Christmas was over and I could feel spring coming along fast. I didn’t finish till the end of May and it was pretty warm by then but I’d got into the mood of the book and it just about worked, I hope. 

4) If you were approached for this book to be made into a film who would you pick to play Thea, Sean and Charlotte?
I don’t really see that many films so I’m not exactly up on which actors are which but for Thea I’d love Sheridan Smith. Everything she does is brilliant. Sean – tricky. Maybe Orlando Bloom? They’d have to scuzz him up a bit. I don’t like ‘tidy-looking’ men. I prefer them a bit rock n’roll. Charlotte – I’d want someone curvy and funny, possibly Isla Blair? Though she’d have to fatten up a bit. 

5) Have you started writing your next book and have you got anything you can tease us with?
I haven’t started one yet but I am at the stage of putting together a lot of ideas. All I can really say is that it will probably involve houses (think Location, Location etc) and a very annoying ex-husband.

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe is out now on Kindle and on paperback on the 6th November.

My Review

I have just sat here and devoured It Must Have Been the Mistletoe by Judy Astley, it does feel a little wrong to be reading a Christmas read in October but I really don't mind because this author has actually brought us a festive cover with a real festive storyline too!

As Christmas approaches Anna and Mike have something they need to discuss with their adult children and so they want to create a prefect family Christmas and book for them all to spend Christmas at a holiday let in Cornwall. Thea, Emily and Jimi all have problems of their own but they are looking forward to taking their families down to Cornwall for the festive season but will the arrival of two unexpected guests put a strain on the family Christmas?

I loved this family they were so down to earth and like many families have many ups and downs but always come together as a family and do the traditional things associated with Christmas. I did find the book quite predictable I have to say but it didn't effect my enjoyment of this book because it was a perfect warm festive storyline with a fabulous group of characters and all of this was set in a beautiful setting too, I just think a little bit of a twist would have been the icing on the cake.

Thea really took centre stage in this book and she was a loveable character and she seemed to be the core of the family, someone who all the family members gravitate to. She has had a difficult time recently but she is embracing Christmas with her family rather than wallowing and this I admire her for. 

The whole of the book is set around Christmas so it is a real traditional festive family read which is nice to see.
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  1. See if Santa has been as I get up, open presents from Santa. Exchange presents with mum, go over to family. Spend the day hoping for not major dramas. Have usual exchange of views on The Queen Speech, usually 10 mins after it finished as noone that wanted to watch it looks at the time! And hopefully in the case of this year, spoiling the new puppy we have in the family.

  2. Spending Christmas with my entire family. A give a lot of attention de my children. Have a nice Christmas meal and sharing our wonderful moments. Playing with children afterwards and chill in out in the evening with some more drinks and television.

  3. As we're only two with no family, a lazy morning, a pre-dinner drink at our local and after dinner, depending on the weather, a brisk seafront walk to walk it off before settling down to TV and reading

  4. There seems to be a lot of Christmassy reviews on your blog lately! Which is great because it will gradually get us in the mood for it all. Looking forward to trying this one out, it sounds good!