Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wellies and Westies by Cressida McLaughlin

Catherine ‘Cat’ Palmer realises, too late, that bringing an adorable puppy into work at the local nursery was a bad idea, especially after the ensuing chaos gets her the sack. Determined to turn a negative into a positive, Cat decides this is the perfect opportunity to get her dog-walking business off the ground with the help of her flatmates, Polly and Joe. After all, Primrose Terrace where she lives, is full of home-alone hounds…

This morning I sat down with my cup of tea and thought I would start to read Wellies and Westies before the mammoth task of tidying up ready for the people coming to view the house, this was a big error! I ended up reading the whole thing and had 7 minutes left to tidy up so as you can see I got hooked on this book.

Cat doesn’t have the brightest idea when she takes Disco the dog to work in her handbag not really the done thing when working at a nursery so no surprise she is sacked but rather than sit around and wallow she decides that she is going to start her own dog walking business .

This is as much as I can tell you about Wellies and Westies because it is only a relatively short read because it is one of four parts so I obviously don’t want to give too much away. I very rarely read books that are released in instalments as firstly I am very impatient and want to know what will happen to our characters next and secondly I usually find they are a high price for the very small storyline but I didn’t find this at all with Wellies and Westies.  Although it was a quick read I still found the storyline really drew me in, and I didn’t feel like I was left on a massive cliff hanger but yet I am eager to meet up with the characters again in the next part.

Cat is a very spontaneous and pleasing main character, we were also introduced to a number of other residents at Primrose Terrace all who I am excited to meet again and see them grow in the next novellas.

Cressida McLaughlin has such a wonderful writing style that flows effortlessly, I will definitely be pre-ordering the remaining Primrose Terrace novellas.


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