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Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

Today it is my stop on the Always the Bridesmaid blog tour with Lindsey Kelk which is out TOMORROW! Lindsey has kindly taken the time to answer some questions I wanted to ask her....

1) Describe your new book Always the Bridesmaid in 5 words.
 A book for the ages. Cough. Or, funny, honest, sweary, joyous and fun. Fun is very important. 

2) Have you had a lot of experiences being a bridesmaid which have helped with ideas for this book, or did you listen to other people's experiences? 
I’ve actually only had the honour three times, once when I was little and twice as a grown up – a lot of my best friends are still single and the others weren’t especially traditional with their weddings. In all honesty, the book isn’t about 100% about being a bridesmaid, it’s about playing second fiddle and never being front and centre in your own life, something I think a lot of people can identify with. 

3) Will this book be a standalone or can we expect to meet the characters again?
A lot of my characters cross over from book to book, there might even be a couple of people you’re vaguely familiar with hiding in ATB! At the moment, Maddie’s story is a one off but she’ll definitely be back in some way, shape or form. 

4) You have set many of your books in some amazing countries, is there a particular country you would like to visit, of course purely for research purposes for a new book?
I’m desperate to visit Japan but for whatever reason, it keeps escaping me. I’ll get there eventually! 

5) What has been the best book you have read this year?
I’m reading Kazou Ishuguro’s The Buried Giant and I love it. Never Let Me Go is one of my favourite books of all time so I’m pretty bloody excited about this one. 

6) If you were stuck on a deserted island what would be your three must have items?
iPod, sunscreen and that bloody Mr Frosty slushie maker my mum wouldn’t let me have when I was seven. 

Quick fire time: 
Kindle vs paperback - Kindle 
Sun holiday vs city break – Sun holiday 
Shoes vs handbag – ARGH. Handbag. 
Sweet vs Savoury – CRUEL MISTRESS. Sweet. 
Night out vs Night in - Night in


The excitement has been bubbling yet again as the release date of a new Lindsey Kelk book is in sight, I feel like a kid about to walk into a sweetshop as I hold my copy of Always the Bridesmaid and I know my bum will not leave this couch for the day now I have this book in my hands!

Maddie has her hands full, one of her best friends Lauren is celebrating her upcoming marriage and e pets Maddie to plan it all for her in a ridiculously short time span whilst her other best friend Sarah has revealed she is unexpectedly getting a divorce. As Maddie tries to juggle work as an events planner assistant with a promotion on the cards with being the supportive friend to Lauren and Sarah she needs to take her brothers advice and "Just say No" once in a while and put herself first.

In true Lindsey Kelk form you can expect a fun and witty read with flawed characters in Always the Bridesmaid. The book is told by diary entry's in the bridesmaid journal which worked really well in this book and I loved at the beginning of each entry the Today I feel, and Today I am Thankful for part they made me chuckle as they went from bad to worse!

Maddie, Lauren and Sarah are close friends and deep down love each other and are supportive but there are many times where their relationship became quite explosive. I loved each of the girls, Lauren had a typical touch of a Bridezilla addition to her personality with her upcoming wedding which brought a great gritting teeth moments as well as humor, Sarah was going through a difficult time so she was at times quiet at other times a blubbering wreck and then there was our dear Maddie who was my favourite and provided so many laughs from her general attitude to her unfortunate mishaps especially in an event that she planned nearer the end of the book which didn't quite go to plan!

This was yet another winner for me from Lindsey Kelk she has created some wonderful characters in this book and weaved an entertaining storyline around them which I couldn't get enough of, Kelk fans will be eager to get their hands on this book and they won't be disappointed.

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  1. I totally agree! Such a great book!
    Brilliant author and equally brilliant book <3