Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson by Paige Toon

Meet Jessie, small-town girl turned wild child . . .
Jessie has never known her real dad, and when her mum dies she thinks any hope of finding him is gone. As she goes goes off the rails, her stepdad announces that her father is Johnny Jefferson - legendary rockstar and former hell-raiser.
Still dealing with her loss, and now the daughter of a superstar, Jessie is sucked into the LA lifestyle - paparazzi, parties and hot guitar-wielding boys included.
But is Johnny up to the job? And, more importantly, is Jessie?

Paige Toon is one of my top 5 authors and I have read and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of her adult novels and her books are among a very select few that I find I like to read again and again. When I saw a copy of The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson in the window of Waterstones last year I was excited that first of all there was a new Paige Toon book out and secondly that surname Jefferson, can't help but get Johnny fans excited! BUT it wasn't until I got home with my copy that it became clear it was a YA book and so I was hesitant to read it as it isn't a go to genre for me and it has sat on my tbr pile every since until this week when it was recommended to me by 3 people on Twitter so it was time to give it a go. 4 hours later and I have read it from start to finish and can't believe I have left it so long to pick it up I really have missed out! 

After the death of her mum Jessie is not in a good place, she is hanging about with a new group and rebelling against her stepfather Stu who is at his whits end. One question that has never been answered is who was Jessie's real father and when she finally confronts Stu he succumbs and tells her it is none other than the singer Johnny Jefferson. Eager to get in contact with her biological father she asks for Stus help to contact him but will Johnny accept a daughter he knows nothing about and welcome her into his life?

I loved being able to catch up with Meg and Johnny who are both my favourite characters from all of Paige Toon's novels, I always love being reintroduced to them to see what is happening between them and I loved them just as much in this book as in the adult books. Having their characters in this book was very welcoming and I knew that they would help to hold my attention throughout the book. 

Paige Toon has developed another realistic and lovable main character in Jessie she will be another character who we will continually want to revisit. Jessie is at a very difficult age at 15 when hormones are running high on top of having to deal with the recent death of her mum I could understand the frustration and confusion and heartache that she was going through and the reason why it felt so important for her to find out who her real father was and I was really hoping that Jessie would get her happy ending. The only thing I didn't like about Jessie was the way she treated her friend Libby, but then these things happen with teenagers so it is understandable even if I don't like it! 

As with any book featuring Johnny Jefferson you can expect a music reference here and there throughout the book of course and also a modern and exciting feel to the storyline as well as a sprinkling of romance too. The ending is left wide open for a sequel which I am determined to dive straight into after finishing this review as I can't wait to see what happens in the next book 

This was such an engrossing read that had me gripped the whole way through so if you are looking for a fast pace excitable read then pick this book up and if you are not typically a YA fan make an exception for this book at least because you will not be disappointed.

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The second in the series

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